Be The Wolf - Empress



Scarlet Records

Release: October 19, 2018


Be The Wolf is a modern hard rock band formed in 2011, with two active albums released under Scarlet Records and licensed in Japan by Marquee Inc. / Avalon. ‘Empress’ is the band's 3rd album, infused with strong Heavy Metal vibes from the 80's and some AOR influences, drawing inspiration by classic bands like Scorpions, Judas Priest, Skid Row and WASP and Kiss. The band's formula includes high speed tracks, with heavy and melodic riffing and tasteful guitar solos, with some occasional power ballads (though constantly keeping a considerably fast pace for the whole duration of the album). The band keeps its trademark songwriting style by featuring some strong and catchy choruses, as well as memorable and straightforward lyrics.


Be The Wolf's singer, guitarist and songwriter Federico Mondelli, the band's sole composer (also responsible for the whole graphic work) is also the mastermind of the Power Metal band Frozen Crown. The lineup is completed by Marco Verdone (bass) and Paul Canetti (drums).



Burn Me Out



Thousand Years

You’re My Demon Tonight

All Days I Missed

Move It

Here And Now

Trigger Discipline

Jungle Julia II

Both ‘’Burn Me Out’’ is an incredibly dynamic track, it sets the standard for the rest of the album pretty high. Unfortunately ‘“Action’’ killed the vibe a bit with its slower verses, the chorus is okay though. ‘“Stallone’’ and ‘’Thousand Years’’ are a bit closer to ‘’Burn Me Out’’ its style, but I’m not entirely convinced that I like this album. Maybe it bores me a bit because I’m used to heavier music.


‘’You’re My Demon Tonight’’ gives me this very cheesy rock vibe, and that carries out into the next track as well, called ‘’All Days I Missed’’. I feel like the idea of ‘’Empress’’ was nice, but the execution is just a tad bit too generic. It’s all more or less the same sound. However. Move It’’ does have an original spin to it, that track stands out. I honestly didn’t really care for the last three tracks, although I liked the melody in the chorus of ‘’Trigger Discipline’’.

All in all, to me ‘’Empress’’ is somewhere in the middle. Musically it sounds good and very professional, but the lyrics and overall presentation is a bit lacking to me, as well as the originality. Therefor I give ‘’Empress’’ by Be The Wolf a 6 out of 10.


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By Tamar




Federico Mondelli - Vocals & Guitar

Marco Verdone - Bass

Paul Canetti - Drums