Black Lotus - Sons Of Saturn



Inverse Records

Release: October 19, 2018


Barcelona-based Heavy & Epic Doom Metal band BLACK LOTUS will release their debut album 'Sons Of Saturn' in October 19th 2018 via Inverse Records.


Black Lotus is founded by Hug Ballesta in 2015. After finding a proper line-up they headed into the Moontower Studio at the end of 2017. The album is recorded and mixed by Javi Félez and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland, Oregon.

Black Lotus' sound is grounded in the diverse influences of the band members. Traditional heavy metal is the common factor and driving force of the band, but alternative sounds of the 90s, stoner rock, doom metal and post metal genres are also colours in their palette. Their compositions are embracing all those influences without limitations or dogmas. Likewise, lyrics are eminently symbolic, expressing a dystopic vision of society and their view of the world. Classic mythology, occultism, and personal experiences and visions are the sources for their compositions.




The Sandstorm

The Pyre

Protective Fire


Sons of Saturn

The Swamp

Return to Erebus

 Right from the start, Black Lotus’s music is heavier than I expect to hear from any Frontiers band, a good beginning! ‘’Kings’’ has this nice doomy vibe to it, unfortunately, the vocals do not fit the music. In my opinion, doom can be less powerful and forced. In itself there is nothing wrong with the vocals of course.  I have the same problem with ‘’The Sandstorm’’ and ‘’The Swamp’’, and I think it will bother me on the next tracks too. I try to not let it influence my rating too much. I miss some growls here and there as well, but that is just personal taste.

‘’The Pyre’’, ‘’Taurobolium’’ and ‘’Return to Erebus’’ are all great instrumental tracks. ‘’Protective Fire’’ is a bit more rhythmic, and that honestly fits so much better to the vocals! I was pleasantly surprised by that. ‘’Sons Of Saturn’’ is a nice track, but nothing special. It would not have been my choice to name the album after.


I feel kind of bad that I only really enjoyed three songs out of an eight-track album, but I can’t make it any better than it is. My only advice to Black Lotus is, pick one submetal of genre, instead of mixing doom with power. I rate ‘’Sons of Saturn’’ a six out of ten.

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By Tamar




Charlie Gotaskull - Rhythm & Lead guitars

Cristian Vil - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Hug Ballesta - Drums, Vocals

Caio Pastore - lead & rhythm guitars (live)