Burial Invocation - Abiogenesis



Dark Descent Records

Release: July 6, 2018


Turkeys' Burial Invocation are set to unleash their long-awaited debut full-length album, ‘’Abiogenesis’’. After years of silence the band has returned with a new line-up and five lumbering tracks of subhuman death metal. ‘’Abiogenesis’’ will be available July 6 on limited-edition vinyl with CD and digital release dates set for August 17 via Dark Descent Records.


Burial Invocation exploded onto the underground scene when their debut EP ‘’Rituals of the Grotesque’’, released in early 2010. Coincidentally, this was the first release under the newly-formed Dark Descent Records banner.


The initial pressing of this CD sold out quickly as the band's brand of doomy, crypt-dwelling death metal was infectious as it was blistering.  





Visions Of The Hereafter

Phantasmagoric Transcendence

Tenebrous Horizons

Mixing elements of Finnish death metal among other influences, Burial Invocation followed up the debut EP the next year on the well-received split 7" with ‘’Japan's Anatomia’’. This split, also released on Dark Descent Records, quickly sold out. The band eventually followed these releases with some memorable live appearances including the initial version of Copenhagen's legendary Kill Town Death Fest.

In 2017, the fires were lit once more as the band were said to be working on a new album.  Once again under the Dark Descent Records banner (vinyl via long-time ally Me Saco Un Ojo), Abiogenesis sees this Turkish crew reign once more.  


I’m starting of by something that annoys me a lot: the website of Dark Descent Records hasn’t been updated since 2015, and I think that is weird because it seems to me you want to sell the new records of your bands. There is not a lot of information to be found about Burial Invocation themselves either, all the information above was gathered from the promo invitation.


Burial Invocation is a big question mark for me. Their music sounds professional, but I don’t really get the point. They have placed themselves under the marking of death metal, and that is because of the vocals. To me they are more progressive death metal, the songs take a bit longer than you usually see in death metal, titles are a bit less brutal, and the album is full of ‘’guitar wankery’’. Good album? Probably. My opinion? Meh.