Chaos Over Cosmos – The Unknown Voyage



Independent release

Release: September 7, 2018


''Walk among the stars

Look into your heart

Choose the path the needle marks ''


Music unites us all, this we all know to be true. Either you feel part of a group because of a shared interest for a certain band or a certain genre of music, either you connect with someone and make music together, the common factor here is passion. And Chaos Over Cosmos definitely falls in the second category, as the two members are from different countries – singer Javier Calderon is from Spain and mastermind Rafal Bowman is from Poland. The fun fact is that they have never met in person, but they have created and recorded together their debut album “The unknown voyage”, which was released independently on September 7.



A hidden path

Armour of the stars (xenogears)

They will fall

The compassThe sky remembered my name

Defined as ‘a mix of progressive, heavy and power metal with a lot of shred solos and ambients, cosmic moments played on very reverbed guitars and synths’, the album is balancing between edgy & aggressive, and melodic & mellow, with some stand-out guitar work from Rafal Bowman and excellent vocals from Javier Calderon. The five tracks are very well written and executed, with neat instrumental passages, atmospheric moments, and great storytelling, which make for a very enjoyable listening experience. The album opens up with “A hidden path”, a synth driven intro, which kind of reminds me of early Vangelis, with a spoken part taken from Friedrich Nietzche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, setting a very ethereal mood for the rest of the album. The guitars, drums, and vocals kick in with “Armour of the stars (xenogears)”, a very rocking track, and the longest one, clocking it at a little under 15 minutes. Inspired by a PlayStation role-playing game, the track also features some brilliant guitar solos and riffs, intricate instrumental, and vocals which at one point alternate between melodic and aggressive, giving the song more edge and dynamism.

Up next is the heavy “They will fall”, where the guitars’ reverb is very much present, giving the song a certain amount of harshness that goes hand in hand with the bleak realities depicted in the lyrics. To quote some of the verses: “They idolize, they sacrifice, for spurious gods / Creating war, they crave for more, but they will fall”. Also the vocal delivery is worth mentioning here as Javier goes back and forth between semi-harsh vocals to beautiful cleans to whispers, making the song more engaging and while emphasizing key aspects of the verses. Brilliant stuff. The melodic, uplifting and quite pop-ish “The compass” is the type of song to which everybody can relate as it talks about the ups and downs of life, in a very empathic and heartfelt way. To again quote some lyrics: “Questions are paving the road while I think / How much I’ll have to pay? / Why the demons won’t go away?” Also, the chorus is very catchy and I’m sure you’ll end up humming it for the rest of the day. Closing the album is the 7-minute epic instrumental track “The sky remembered my name”, where you can feel the influences from Seventh Wonder, Circus Maximus and The Human Abstract mixed with a bit of Ayreon’s atmosphere from “The source will flow”, making it a high-energy display of musicianship.

So there you have it: five very different tracks, that range from the atmospheric intro “A hidden path”, to full blown progressive metal in “Armour of the stars (xenogears)”, to the heavy and aggressive piece “They will fall”, to very accessible and emotional “The compass”, then coming back full circle to progressive metal with “The sky remembered my name”, showcasing their talent and creativity, and making “The unknown voyage” a diverse and well-crafted album. Such a wonderful discovery! Looking forward to their next release.


Rating: 9 / 10






By Andrea




Javier Calderon - Vocals, Lyrics

Rafal Bowman - Guitars, Synth, Programming