Consecration - Remembrance



Independent Release

Release: June 29, 2018


For the past eight years Consecration have been casting their eldritch spells, weaving words of forgotten wisdom and incantations of black imaginings through riffs of rot and decay, entwining oppressive atmosphere with beguiling melodies, encasing songs of sorrow in caskets of terror and bleak horror. From the malicious spite of their debut EP, Gut The Priest to the overwhelming sonic landscape of fear and shadows that is summoned up by their full length album Ephemerality, released through UKEM in the heart of winter 2014, this unique band have been building a formidable canon of work, a horde of gold and gems that has lain glittering in the caverns of the underground, treasured by the intrepid souls that have braved the descent into darkness to discover it.


As Consecration began to venture forth from their home territory, playing shows across the UK with the likes of Leafhound, Esoteric and Primitive Man, so the media began to take notice of their intoxicating blend of mournful magic and hellish visions from beyond the walls of sleep. Zero Tolerance Magazine, Metal Rules, Doomantia and more were captured by their insidious conjurations. The sound of Consecration could no longer remain hidden beneath the dank soil…

An alliance formed with Imperative PR, Consecration have decided to open the black covers of their grimoire, to invite one and all to taste the darkness of not only Gut The Priest and Ephemerality, but an array of secrets that have lain too long in the deep places. Here, under the title of Remembrance, you will find the first eight years of Consecration in their entirety, a digital compendium of their cursed litanies and lore - all fully remastered and restored to breathe a new life into the darkness.


‘’Remembrance’’ is a compilation album of Consecration’s previous releases. Track 1 to 8 originally appeared on ‘’Ephemerality’’ which was released in 2014, tracks 13 to 18 are from their EP ‘’Gut The Priest’’ in 2010. Tracks 9 to 12 are actually unreleased demo recordings out of 2011. All the tracks were restored and remastered for this compilation. First off, the difference in recording quality is very noticable between these four years. It starts of pretty good, but ends in a total mess. Despite that, I really like their doom metal approach, it’s something I haven’t seen in a while. Some say that death doom metal is supposed to sound like it was recorded in a shoebox, but I disagree on that.

I had a great time listening to ‘“Remembrance’’. I didn’t know Consecration before this release, but I will check them out a bit more from now on. The album is overflowing with melancholy and pain, it’s written with a lot of emotion and I really appreciate that. It’s not just random songs on an album, on the contrary: ‘’Remembrance’’ is a very cohesive compilation.


Rating: 7/10


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By Tamar




Daniel Bollans – Vocals

Shane Amies – Bass

Liam Houseago – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars

Jordan Grant - Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars

Jorge Figueiredo- Drums and Percussion