Convictive - Schemen




Release: April 6, 2018


In a (modern) Black Metal manner Convictive are regarded as a convincing force on the stage; Brutal blast beats, brilliant drumming and tight bass rhythms serve the headbangers, while beautiful melodies snatch the ground from under the feet of the audience, letting listeners slide into a world of pain and catharsis.


Convictive are an unusual phenomenon: A cross-genre instance that combines the roots of Black Metal with elements of post rock and rounds off the package with blood curdling female vocal power. By the way: without fitting into any genre drawer! From the dusty coal shafts of the Ruhr area, this band ascended to present the abyss of human behaviors in lyrical stories and to exorcise their very own demons. As one of the most active bands in the German underground, Convictive paid their dues in countless club shows and festivals and are known in all four cardinal directions. With their new album ‘’Schemen“ they are ready to set the stages of the country in flames again.


First off, I absolutely love that the whole album is in German! It makes it somehow more personal to the band, and it sounds extra brutal which is a big plus.













Ad Infinitum




Schemen is a long album, longer than I usually see, but there are four instrumental tracks: ‘’Pforte’’ ‘’Leere’’, ‘’Abschied’’ and ‘’Regen’’. All four of these are beautiful, and I don’t think they even need lyrics. They add another layer to the album, and give your ears some quiet time before you get thrown back into the heaviness.

The thing that usually doesn’t do it for me, if we're talking about black and doom metal, is the repetitiveness. This time, that wasn’t really an issue, because I really like Jalina’s vocals on the foreground. Some cleans wouldn’t have hurt, but I get that it would be kind of out of place on this album. I think with ‘’Schemen’’, Convictive is really trying to tell you a story, too bad I do not understand German very well. My favorite tracks of this album are ‘’Seelenlos’’, ‘’Agonie’’ and ‘’Utopia’’ because they seem to have a bit more melody in them.

I think Convictive might have convinced me with ‘’Schemen’’, to listen a bit more to black metal once in a while! I’d rate the album a 7 out of 10!


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By Tamar




Jalina – Vocals

Phil – Guitar

Sascha – Guitar

Ben – Bass

Daniel – Drums