Crossing Eternity – The Rising World



Rockshots Records

Released: June 15, 2018


Crossing Eternity is a power metal band formed in 2017 by seasoned musicians from both the Romanian and the Swedish metal scene. As such, the core of the band consists of guitarist and composer Manuel Savu, Romanian vocalist Berti Barbera (both from Voltaj ’88, and other projects), and Swedish drummer Uffe Tillman (formerly of Isengard). In between, they have more than 25 years of experience in the music industry and their wide variety of influences enables them to create a sound which is described as ‘big, organic, personal, vibrant, and honest’.  Set to expand their boundaries and play worldwide, they have released a strong debut album on June 15, 2018, via Rockshots Records.


Commenting on the band’s name choice, they stated: “We thought of something transcendental, something to describe the thought and intentions of our musical journey. We are giving the best we have, we see beyond words, we are crossing eternity. It’s like leaving something lasting to posterity.”

Track list:


Crossing eternity

Ghost of a storm

Sand in the sky

High above the crown

Kingdom come

Embrace your voice

Journey to the end of dreams

Winter poem


Dreams fall

Angels cry, rainbows hide

Spirit of the forest

War of gods

 “The Rising World” consists of 13 tracks of melodic power metal anthems, delivered in an old-school fashion, not overly-produced or polished, but more closely to an authentic live sound. The album is off to a good start with “Crossing Eternity” and “Ghost of a Storm”, two tracks that really showcase the band’s skills and mastery of this genre. I especially like the chorus and guitar solo on “Ghost of a Storm”. But actually the whole album is a testimony to the band’s ability of creating catchy Euro-power metal songs. And while this may sound like ‘just another band’ doing this type of music, I find their sound to be somehow distinct from the rest, probably because I really enjoy Berti’s strong and versatile vocals (which I wish were a bit higher in the mix) and Manu’s guitar parts a lot – some of the most creative I have heard recently (“Dreams Fall” or “High Above the Crown” are good examples). Also there is something about the melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and vocal lines that make the songs stand out. They know how to keep things interesting, that’s for sure.

 “Kingdom Come” and “Angels Cry, Rainbows Hide” have some groovy flute melodies on the intro, and “Kingdom Come” has probably the best chorus on the entire album (second best being the aforementioned “Ghost of a Storm”), and a very well-executed guitar solo. “Embrace Your Voice” has a tambourine integrated in the melody, which just adds an extra layer of melodies to the piano and guitar parts. The fast-paced “Journey to the end of Dreams” has a very hefty drum sound, courtesy of Uffe Tillman, as well as some very interesting riffs and vocal lines. “Winter Poem” is a very alert song, with a very nice backing orchestration, a nifty guitar solo, and again some tambourine harmonies, but it is not really a ballad, as the title may suggest.  “Spirit of the Forest” and “War of Gods” close the album in a very melodic yet quite rockish way.

All these, and much more, make Crossing Eternity’s “The Rising World” a rather strong debut album.  It is a dynamic and entertaining collection of songs that will have you moving along to the beat in no time. Definitely worth a couple of listens through! Recommended!


Rating: 8.5 / 10




By Andrea




Berti Barbera – vocals / percussion

Manuel Savu – guitar / bass / keyboards

Uffe Tillman – drums

Johann Hentz – bass (live)

Radu Adrian – keyboards (live)