Dead City Crown - Apex Of Fury



Independent Release

Release: May 25, 2018


Dead City Crown is a melodic death metal band founded in April 2014 by guitarist/composer Fabio Sisco, vocalist/lyricist Carl Conquest and bassist Erick Hugo. Their mission: to create heavy and melodic music influenced by various Scandinavian metal bands.


Shortly after the band's inception, Dead City Crown released their debut EP titled Centuries. In October 2015, DCC recruited Marko Pergola on rhythm guitar and Jorge Hernandez on drums. The chemistry between the 5 members was strong during the first rehearsals together which inspired Fabio to begin composing new music. The first full lineup gig for the band was booked but Erick would not be able to make the show. DCC recruited Anthony Ponce to fill in on bass for the gig and had only one rehearsal with him beforehand.



Expedition Crisis

Playground For The Dead

Apex Of Fury




The band played their first show as a full lineup in June 2016 at Blackthorn 51 in Queens, NY. The performance was a success and the band received a warm reception from the crowd. Shortly after the gig, Erick decided to step down from bass duties and was permanently replaced by Anthony. Since then, Dead City Crown has regularly played shows throughout NJ and NY while building their fan base and gaining popularity. They have also recorded and released new material which was well received and are enjoying regular radio airplay throughout the region. Additionally, Marko decided to permanently step down from band duties and has since been replaced by Brad Harmon on guitar.

For a band that has not released a lot of material, Dead City Crown sure has a big history. It’s a shame they don’t have an official website, because DCC sounds and looks very professional overall. Back to the EP, I really enjoyed listening to these three new songs: ‘’Expedition Crisis’’, ‘’Playground For The Dead’’ and ‘’Apex Of Fury’’. They for sure succeeded in their mission of recreating music influenced by Scandinavian metal! To give you some highlights of this EP, Carl’s vocal skills are amazing. He introduces us very well to the different techniques he uses, for instance on ‘’Expedition Crisis’’ and ‘’Playground For The Dead’’. The only thing they need to sound ‘’extra Scandinavian’’ would be a keyboard player, but I think that is necessary.

DCC is slowly rising to the top of the death metal scene, where they belong based upon this EP. I’d rate ‘’Apex Of Fury EP’’ by Dead City Crown a 4 out of 5!


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By Tamar




Carl Conquest - Vocals

Fabio Sisco - Guitar

Brad Harmon - Guitar

Anthony Ponce - Bass

Jorge Hernandez - Drums