Death Alley - Superbia



Century Media Records

Release: March 23, 2018


After a period relentless touring and turmoil, the Dutch powerhouse is re-invented, reborn, and ready to take on the world with their refined brand of infectious yet challenging rock n' roll. Set for release in March 2018 through Century Media Records, 'Superbia' is the follow-up to the 2015 debut album 'Black Magick Boogieland'.


This album is very much about being able to, and having the courage to, break with burdens from the past and accepting, facing and going through the struggle towards a distant or future sun”, says singer Douwe Truijens. ”Where 'Black Magick Boogieland' is the invitation to a parallel universe of the unknown, this one is about what you get when you accept the invite.


Formed in Amsterdam in 2013, Death Alley is a rare mix of punk attitude and diligent, musical precision. As crossover as it gets while still keeping focus – the fourpiece holds King Crimson as close to their hearts as The Stooges; Hawkwind and Poison Idea are loved in equal measure; the acid flows, but this ain't no hippie band. Fueling this relentless machine of seeming contradictions is a pure love for great music, and a restless thirst for the deep end of the pool. No risk? No reward. First you acknowledge that coil around your neck, then you shake it off.





The Chain

Feeding The Lions

Headlights In The Dark

Shake The Coil

Murder Your Dreams


The Sewage







We were never a band that was set in stone since the start”, says the guitarist. ”Rather, we wanted to become a band while playing, and see what would happen if you put people with different influences together. Instead of already having all the songs, image and story, and jumping on that. So it's really a melting pot of all the characters in the band and it's grown towards a sound very naturally.” ”We have taken big risks, and necessarily so”, Douwe concludes.


To be honest, I expected some very heavy, doom metal stuff, but Death Alley took me by surprise with the first track, ‘’Daemon’’. Like described in the small biography above, they are indeed a rare mix of styles and influences, and it is just about enough of everything to make it perfect. I don’t even really know how to express in words what their sound is, maybe Ghost mixed with Pink Floyd and Metallica? This again shows in ‘’The Chain’’, and I totally agree with vocalist Douwe on this one: ”Right now it's as if you're on your way to town on Saturday night and the dope is starting to kick in.”


In conclusion, I think ‘’Superbia’’ by Death Alley is a bit too psychedelic and prog for me, but there are definitely parts in songs that I do like, for example in ‘’Feeding The Lions’’, I like that chorus a lot, and ‘’Headlights In The Dark’’ is the best song for me on ‘’Superbia’’. I really like the idea of putting musicians in a room and seeing what happens. Music and creativity should come that naturally in my opinion. Albums like these are hard to rate and review for me, so that’s why I leave it like this, giving ‘’Superbia’’ by Death Alley a 7 out of 10.

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By Tamar




Douwe Truijens – Lead Vocals

Oeds Beydals – Guitars, Backing Vocals

Sander Bus – Bass

Uno Bruiniusson – Drums