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Release: June 13, 2018


Joined by Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, Lords Of Black, CoreLeoni), Marco Mendoza (The Dead Daisies) and Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake), Japanese Heavy Metal Guitarist Nozomu Wakai is set to release the new album “Metal Souls”under his project Nozomu Wakai’s Destinia.


The new generation Japanese guitar hero Nozomu Wakai blasts his way into the world on board his project Nozomu Wakai’s Destina, with music composed / written / produced by Nozomu himself. Nozomu Wakai has previously released two albums, “Requiem For A Scream”(2014) and “Anecdote Of The Queens”(2015), by the project Nozomu Wakai’s Destinia. He has been recognized in the Japanese hard rock and heavy metal scene for his contributions on guitar / compositions / sound directions to releases by the country's leading musicians and anime's.


In 2016, during a quest for new musical directions, Nozomu witnessed a stage performance by Lords Of Black, featuring vocalist Ronnie Romero, at Loud Park 16, the world famous metal festival in Japan. 



Metal Souls


The End Of Love

Promised Land

Take Me Home

Raise Your Fist

Be A Hero


Cross The Line

Judgement Day

Ready For Rock

Though Nozomu was well aware of Ronnie's abilities, he was hit hard by the new Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow singer’s live talent. A direct offer was made, and it was decided that Ronnie would join Nozomu and participate as the vocalist in his project.


Having set his musical course for the new compositions, Nozomu made the decision to offer Marco Mendoza, bassist from The Dead Daisies and solo musician, and Tommy Aldridge from Whitesnake, the rhythm section duties to add extra strength to the music. It was an obvious choice for Nozomu's music, demanding the presence of two musicians with vast knowledge of the history of hard rock and heavy metal. Upon listening to Nozomu's music, Marco and Tommy were thrilled to get involved.


Nozomu describes the musical directions and aspirations of Destinia as 'classic modern' heavy metal. ‘’The music goes beyond the authentic hard rock and heavy metal in the same vein as Rainbow, Whitesnake and Dio - it is completed with the contemporary, modern sound styles. I am confident that I can create new music with these musicians.’’


Highly praising his talents, Ronnie, Marco and Tommy joined forces with Nozomu. ‘’I was impressed the moment I listened to his tracks,' says Ronnie. 'Nozomu is an incredibly talented guitar player and an amazing composer. In addition to that, my vocals fit in really well.’’

Destinia’s album ‘’Metal Souls’’ is exactly what Nozomu calls it himself: classic modern heavy metal. The old school, eighties vibe is definitely recognizable, and hearable throughout the whole album, yet the sound is fresh, probably because of Nozomu’s his own influences. The melodies are very catchy and the lyrics as positive as can be. It’s nice to hear something uplifting from time to time.


Rating: 7/10


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Nozomu Wakai

Joined by Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, Lords Of Black, CoreLeoni)

Marco Mendoza (The Dead Daisies)

Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake)