Dream Ocean – Lost Love Symphony



Painted Bass Records

Released: 22-02-2018


Formed by mezzo-soprano Başak Ylva and guitarist Oz Khan, symphonic metal band Dream Ocean are preparing to release their first full length album “Lost Love Symphony” on February 22nd via Painted Bass Records. However, the band is no stranger to the stage and to metal fans as they have played many shows in the local club scene but also on some festivals over the years, and this album will no doubt solidify their place and status on the metal scene.


The album is a solid mix of powerful yet delicate female vocals, heavy guitar riffs, catchy vocal lines, and beautiful backing orchestrations. All these are evident on the band’s first single, “Beyond the Greed”, released in October 2017, which gained many positive comments on YouTube. One of the main things that I believe sets this band apart from others in this genre is Başak Ylva’s voice, which has a certain sweetness to it, and her singing skills. She knows how to play on her strengths and deliver a powerful performance, as for instance on the up-tempo “Never Enough”, or sing in a more emotional way as on the beautiful ballad “Divine Light”. Her operatic vocals are well used on “Song of the Aurora” to give it a touch of class and finesse.

Track list:



Beyond the Greed



Forever (ft. Jake E.)

Divine Light

The last dance

Somewhere untouched


Never enough (ft. Mark Jansen)

Song of the Aurora

Island of Dreams



Another aspect of their music that I really enjoy are the backing orchestrations, which are not overused as in many other cases, and fit the music perfectly. They add an extra layer of beautiful harmonies that enhance the soundscapes created by the guitars, drums, bass, and keyboards, without overpowering them, as on “Wolfheart”, “The last dance”, or “Island of dreams”. The listeners get a taste of these melodies from the get-go as the first track, “Inception”, is an instrumental piece that sets the mood for the rest of the album. The rhythmic section is also another strong point of the band as the guitars and drums work together neatly to create the backbone of the songs. If I had to pick some example I would go with “Somewhere Untouched”, which has a very good drum pattern to it, but also an oriental flavor from the violins, and “Wolfheart”, which has a very well executed guitar solo.


Along Başak’s voice, the listener will also encounter two other familiar voices from the symphonic metal sphere on this album. The first guest appearance is from Jake E. (Cyhra, ex-Amaranthe) on “Forever”, where his and Başak’s vocals make the song feel like a dialogue between two lovers, and I love this dynamic. Also their voices blend really well on the chorus. “Never enough” features the growls of Mark Jansen (Epica, MaYan) which contrast with Başak’s melodic delivery. This track is by far one of the heaviest tracks on the album as it veers a bit into death metal territory. And speaking of familiar sounds, the intro to “Everstorm” is a dead-ringer for Nightwish’s “Edema Ruh”, with those enchanting bells, but apart from this, the track is mid-tempo with a catchy chorus and a really good guitar solo. A great choice for a single and one of my favorite songs.

All in all, “Lost love symphony” is a very well-crafted album, which really does sound like a symphony with a very sharp metal edge to it. I rate it with an 8.5 / 10


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By Andrea




Başak Ylva – vocals

Oz Khan – guitars

Borna Matosic – guitars

Sebastian Heuckmann – bass

Sebastian Plück – keyboards

Nils Kessen – drums