Dynazty - Firesign



AFM Records

Release: September 28, 2018


Light me up like a firesign…


With their sixth album, “Firesign”, Swedish melodic metal outfit Dynazty have taken their sound to a whole new level. Founded in early 2008, the band soon gained a cult following as well as critical acclaim, and for good reason too, as their brand of heavy metal mixed with melodic soundscapes and extremely catchy melodies, intense live shows, and Nils Molin’s exquisite vocals are among the best you’ll find on the metal scene. Over the course of five albums, they blended a metallic edge and pop-appeal into a very cohesive and dynamic sound, while also growing a reputation for being extremely ambitious and innovative. After the heavyweight that is “Titanic Mass” (2016), Dynazty are now set to conquer the rest of the world with the stylish “Firesign” (out September 28, on AFM Records).


I have to start this review with “The Grey”, since I absolutely fell in love with this song ever since it got released on Spotify, and then even more so once the video was released. 



Breathe with me

The grey

In the arms of a devil

My darkest hour



Closing doors

Follow me

Let me dream forever


The light inside the tunnel

Subjectivity aside, this is such a classy and elegant song, and anyone that has heard it, can agree that this is probably the best way to describe it. Also, those subtle symphonic elements, and backing orchestrations add so much harmony to the beautiful guitar lines and vocal melody, giving the song a certain elegance and finesse; it could easily rival Kamelot’s “RavenLight” in this respect. Actually the whole album can be defined as elegant and classy all the way through, but with a rather sharp metal edge. Let me put it this way: if “Renatus” (2014) and “Titanic Mass” (2016) showed the band’s hard and heavy side, with their fast-paced melodies, tight playing and all around excellent musicianship, “Firesign” definitely showcases their more melodic, though still quite heavy, side, with mid-paced songs and lush keyboards. Fear not, the guitar solos, the groovy bass lines, the soaring vocals and catchy melodies we are used to hearing from Dynazty are still very much present, it’s just that the majority of the songs feel much more melody-driven than before. And the single “Breathe with me” is a good indication of what to expect from the album.

As such the power metal anthems “In the arms of a Devil”, “Follow me”, and the power ballad “Closing Doors” seem taken directly from “Titanic Mass”, as they have the same power and headbang-ish quality that the likes of “Roar of the underdog” or “Untamer of your soul” posses. One of my favorites, “My darkest hour”, echoes the dark, brooding feel of “The human paradox” to the bone, and the chorus is such an earworm, while at the same having an uplifting undertone (to quote some lines the second verse: “We all crash and we all burn / The world goes on as we live and learn”). The up-tempo “Let me dream forever” seems like the logical continuation of “Free man’s anthem” both lyrically and musically. But on the other hand there are such melodic songs as “Ascension”, “Firesing”, and “Starfall”. Another favorite of mine is “Ascension” which features a killer guitar solo and some orchestral keyboard soundscapes in the background, making it another stylish piece of power metal, with another incredible hooky chorus to sing along to. A definite highlight of the album, and one of Dynazty’s best songs to date, in my humble opinion. Just like the first single and album opener “Breathe with me”, the title track “Firesign” has some electronic, almost industrial, sounds / synths throughout it, which add an extra layer of melodies on top the vibrant guitars, rumbling bass, pounding drums, and Nils’ powerful vocals. The album closes with the modern sounding, melodic and guitar-heavy “Starfall”, and the symphonic infused power ballad “The light inside the tunnel”, where, as usual, Nils Molin steals the show with his emotionally charged delivery. I have to admit, I am extremely impressed with Nils Molin’s voice (have been ever since I started listening to Dynazty a couple of years ago), and he is currently in my top 5 favorite male metal vocalists. He is just so incredibly talented. A big shout-out goes to the rest of the band, as they show once again how skillful they are on their respective instruments, and how well they work together to create such amazing songs.   

One minor thing though, I miss hearing more of his higher range / belting on this album (as opposed to “Titanic Mass”), as the majority of the vocal lines are focused on his mid and lower range, not that I am complaining, just saying. Actually, the vocal lines, coupled with Nils’ darker vocal timber, the groovy melodies, and the well-used keys are precisely the reasons I find “Firesign” to be such a classy and refined album, as I have already mentioned, and a step up from their previous releases. It shows a different side of Dynazty as the band brought in new elements in the mix that allowed them to expand and perfect their sound, and forge a new direction. It definitely shows growth and maturity in the band.

Truly, “Firesign” is such a perfect mix of melody, heaviness and diversity. From classic rocking tunes, to elegant symphonic infused melodies, to some modern melodic soundscapes, Dynazty have stepped a bit outside of their comfort zone and delivered what may just well be their finest effort to date. A definite contender for Album of the Year for me! Kudos for this one, guys!


Rating: 10 / 10









By Andrea




Nils Molin – vocals

Love Magnusson – guitar

Mike Lavér – guitars

Jonathan Olsson – bass  

George Egg – drums