Elvellon - Until Dawn



Reaper Entertainment

Released: June 1st, 2018


Elvellon is a young but promising German band, that will enrich the global Symphonic Metal scene. Formed in 2010 by Pascal Pannen and Martin Klüners, they met singer Nele Messerschmidt later the same year, and soon began to find their own musical way. In 2012 Gilbert joined the band, and after a very successful first concert, their motivation skyrocketed which lead to an intense working phase. In October 2013 they released the singles “Oraculum” and “Born from Hope” on their Bandcamp platform, followed by the EP “Spellbound” in January 2015. And in June 2018 they have released their debut album, “Until Dawn”, via Reaper Entertainment.


Two things are certain: (a) that European metal has a lot of charm and beauty to it and (b) that Germany always delivers quality metal. Both these statements can be fact-checked by listening to such acts as Avantasia, Powerwolf, Van Canto, Rammstein, Crematory, Haggard, Helloween, Kreator, Xandria, Aeverium, Beyond the Black, and the list can go on. Please also add Elvellon to this list as their music is as enchanting as it is heavy.





Silence from the deep

The puppeteer

Fallen into a dream

Of winds and sand

King of thieves

Until dawn

Dead-end alley

Shore to Aeon

Born from hope


Mixing bombastic orchestral sounds, hard riffs, and the wonderful vocals of Nele Messerschmidt, their songs will transport the listeners in a world of fantasy and magic. Listening to “Until Dawn” I couldn’t shake the Disney vibe their music was transmitting, and this is a good thing, as often music, in general, is described as an escape from everyday problems. And what better world to escape to if not Disney?

I just love how the band created their very own fairytale world, just like Nightwish did with “Imaginaerum” back in 2011. The same cinematic, theatrical, dreamlike ambiance can now be found on Elvellon’s amazing debut album, making it a breath of fresh air on the current music scene. Also, like Anette Olzon’s, Nele’s voice has the same flexibility and sweetness to it, her singing ranging from very melodic and soft (“Until Dawn”) to more powerful and rockish (“Dreamcatcher” or “King of thieves”) even operatic at times (“Oraculum”). However, unlike most metal bands (symphonic or otherwise), with Elvellon I feel like the instrumental is taking a back-seat, letting the magnificent orchestrations shine more brightly, as the middle section from “Fallen into a dream” as well as the oriental piece “Of wind and sand” clearly prove.


But this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, as it makes for a very pleasant and enjoyable sonic experience, while also setting them apart from the rest. The violin and the piano lines are so clearly audible, adding layers of harmonies and melodies atop the guitar lines and drum patterns (example: “Silence from the deep”). Nevertheless, songs like “The Puppeteer”, “Dead-end alley”, and “King of thieves” pack some heaviness and punch, as Gilbert Gelsdorf’s guitar and Philipp Kohout’s bass are more upfront, balancing the symphonic background. I mentioned “Imaginaerum” above as a reference point for “Until Dawn”, but I am also hearing the beauty of “Century Child” (which I have really missed) in songs like “Spellbound”, “Dreamcatcher”, “Fallen into a dream” or “Born from hope”.

“Until Dawn” is a very elegant and classy symphonic metal album that will take the listener on an intense journey. It’s one of the best debut albums of the year, and should not be missed. And as far as I am concerned, Elvellon is the revelation of the year.


Rating: 9 / 10








By Andrea



Nele Messerschmidt – vocals

Pascal Pannen – keyboards

Gilbert Gelsdorf – guitar

Philipp Kohout – bass

Martin Klüners – drums