Forodwaith - The One


Independent Release

Release: August 23, 2017


Forodwaith was formed in 2010, performs in the style of melodic death metal/folk metal. The official release of the first album entitled "Nirnaeth Arnediad" was held in 2012. Mastering was done by the outstanding Finnish sound engineer Mika Yussila at the Finnvox studio. The band played a number of concerts in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Poland (Folk Metal Tour with Eluveitie, Arkona, Skalmold) with this program.


In August 2017 the second studio full-length album "The One" was recorded. With the new album, the band has already played tours around Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. During the performances in Ukraine, a clip for the song from the new album titled "Till My Pyre Will Burn" was shot. In the future, “Forodwaith” plans to make a tour across Europe, as well as recording a single and shooting the next video clip.



Towards Distant Shores

Weakness Transgress

Sons of Odin

The One

Till My Pyre Will Burn

My Supernova



Far Away

It’s been a while since ‘’The One’’ was released, but for some reason I really felt like reviewing a folk metal album. I want to start by saying that this album is so good for a still somewhat underground band! From ‘’Towards Distant Shores’’ until ‘’Far Away’’, Forodwaith has kept me entertained. I don’t see a keyboard player listed in the line up, but I really like these effects they made with the bagpipes and orchestral pieces.

To me it’s no surprise that Forodwaith has already played live with the popular bands in the scene, but it is a surprise that they didn’t seem to gain a lot of fans over that period. Too bad, because I really love for them to have their own big headline shows. Their promotion could be a bit better, but hey, I know how hard that is from a personal point of view… ‘’The One’’ is a perfect album to play live, it’s melodic, death, but still sounds somewhat happy. I’d rate ‘’The One’’ by Forodwaith an 7,5 out of 10.

Line Up:

Mick "Helkar" Korolyov - solo & lead guitar

Paul "Sajta" Riazanov - rhythm guitar

Anton Sheluho - bass

Denis "Felix" Krutik - drums

Andrey Shaura - vocals


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By Tamar