Frozen Crown - The Fallen King



Scarlet Records

Released: 09-02-2018


Sounding like the perfect combination of Sonata Arctica and present-day Nightwish, with a bit of Euro-metal in the veins of Orden Ogan for good measure, Italian melodic power metal band Frozen Crown has released its debut album “The Fallen King” on February 9th via Scarlet Records. The band consists of Ashes You Leave vocalist Giada Etro, Be the Wolf keyboard player / guitarist Federico Mondelli, young guitarist Talia Bellazecca, bass player Filippo Zavattari and drummer Alberto Mezzanotte.


Musically, they have taken elements of classic heavy metal, folk and death metal and mashed them into a sound that brings to mind both Iron Maiden and Dark Tranquility. Nevertheless, in between all these references to well established bands, Frozen Crown still manages to have a well-defined sound and identity of their own in the melting pot of the metal scene. And in reality it is very hard (if not impossible) to ‘reinvent the wheel’, but each band is doing the best possible with the given ingredients. True enough others add interesting twists to their music, but the basic elements are the same since Black Sabbath invented heavy metal.




Fail no more

To infinity


I am the tyrant

The shieldmaiden

Chasing lights

Queen of blades

Across the sea




So, how is Frozen Crown different from the aforementioned bands? Well, for me the vocalist is of vital essence to the band and, as such, I see Giada Etro’s vocals as being among the defining elements of their sound. And she is a very capable singer with quite an interesting voice, as the single “Kings” or the catchy “Across the Sea” clearly prove it. Some may even compare her to Unleash the Archer’s Brittney Slayes. But she is not the only vocalist as Federico Mondelli joins in the singing with some harsh vocals on certain songs, including a few select ones on “I am the Tyrant” which happens to be one of my favorites, as well as on the rocking and energetic “Queen of Blades”. Disclosure: I am really liking this type of vocal duo and enjoy it to the max every time I come across it.

Moving on to the music. The best label to put on the music per se is ‘power metal’ as the songs stick to that formula, with soaring choruses and guitar work that is fast-paced, alternating between melodic solos and heavy riffs. But it is much more than that as it occasionally veers into melodeath territory with the usage of hash vocals, and somehow this power / death metal mix works pretty well. Actually the closing song, “Netherstorm”, feels more like death metal than power metal with double bass drums, aggressive guitars and harsh vocals, while “Everwinter” is so catchy and easy to sing along to, it’s ridiculous. And these songs show the extremes of the music that is to be found on this varied yet cohesive album. This variety makes “The Fallen King” one of the most entertaining debuts I have heard recently in this part of the metal sphere (second best after Beast in Black, in my opinion) and I am sure any metal fan would find one or two songs to enjoy and head-bang to on this album.

All in all, Frozen Crown is a band that is showing a great deal of talent and potential and I am really eager to see what the future holds for them. I rate “The Fallen King” with a solid 8.5 / 10.


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By Andrea



Giada "Jade" Etro – lead and backing vocals

Federico Mondelli – vocals, guitars, keys

Talia Bellazecca – guitar

Filippo Zavattari – bass guitar

Alberto Mezzanotte – drums