Gurls - Run Boy, Run



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Release: March 9, 2018


It doesn’t happen often that so much undisputed and up-to-the-minute female jazz is crammed into one trio, but this is the case with GURLS. On their debut-album ‘’Run Boy, Run’’ we find three of Norway’s most sought-after musicians - vocalist Rohey Taalah, bassist Ellen Andrea Wang, and saxophonist Hanna Paulsberg, having what they themselves call a ‘musical breather’. With their playful energy, sparkling self-confidence and unique levels of experience, together these three musicians form a gentle but funky unit of bubbly, spontaneous communication with more than a hint of depth.


The groups’ debut album recording is a jazz and soul witch’s brew featuring lyrically playful musicians who address gender roles and norms, humour and female sexuality. They are not afraid of being straightforward when they present self-ironic songs on girls/ladies topics. It is refreshing and audacious, and of course rightfully so.



Worried Bout Ya


Dis Boy


Pork Chop Lover


The Boy Who Came To Town

Without You

The Love Seed

Musically speaking the combination of bass, saxophone, and vocals usually makes for a very relaxed and calm listening experience, but this not the case as the rhythms and lyrics these three talented ladies have come up will definitely make you want to laugh, sway your hips, and maybe even blush a bit. They are definitely not afraid of being very straightforward in their lyrics as album opener “Worried about ya” or “Pork chop lover” seem like bedroom girl talk. There are also a few songs as “The boy who came to town” and “Without you” that show the band’s softer and emotional side, while others like “Syngedame” and “Snap” that are a bit more rhythmic and dynamic.

If I am a bit on the fence about the lyrics, I am overly impressed by the interplay between Rohey delicate and bluesy vocals, Ellen’s deep and grave bass notes, and Hanna’s lively saxophone playing. And in between these three key elements, the music that they create is both soulful and cheeky. I rate “Run Boy, Run” with an 8 / 10.


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By Andrea




Ellen Andrea Wang - Bass & Backing Vocals

Hanna Paulsberg - Saxophone & Backing Vocals

Rohey Taalah - Lead Vocals