Gyze - The Rising Dragon EP



Universal Music

Release: June 27, 2018


Formed in 2009 in Sapporo, Japan, GYZE gained credence among many talented local artists. As a result, they were invited to Tokyo where they released their first EP in 2011. In 2012 the band took the second place in national Metal-Battle Finals in Japan organized by Wacken Open Air. Being noticed overseas GYZE signed their first contract with Coroner Records (Italy).


Their first album “Fascinating Violence” was released Worldwide 2013 in and in 2014 in Japan. It was ranked #1 on Amazon for consequent 3 months and topped the import CD chart in BURRN! magazine. After major debut in Japan with Victor Entertainment in September 2014 Gyze have released their second full-format album in Japan and in 2015 Worldwide. In late 2016 GYZE joined the collaboration project to make soundtrack for a PS4 game ”LET IT DIE” developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and released worldwide by GungHo Online.



  1. Japanese Elegy
  2. The Rising Dragon
  3. Dragon Calling ( Live Bonus Track )
  4. The Rising Dragon ( Instrumental Bonus Track )
  5. The Rising Dragon ( Japanese Bonus Track feat. Marc Hudson of Dragonforce )

Having gained recognition among the world metalheads, GYZE released the 3rd full-format album from Universal Music Japan in March 2017. This album was mixed and mastered by a famous Finish sound engineer Ahti Kortelainen, (Kalmah, Sonata Arctica, etc.). The song Pirates of Upas from this album is featured in a music video game GITADORA produced by Konami. On June 27th 2018 GYZE are to release their new EP 'The Rising Dragon', giving an absolutely new feel and is filled with Japanese melodies.

I love how each continent brings their own, typical elements in their music. In Asia, metal seems to be interpreted a lot more happy and bright, while the metal where I come from has gotten the stereotype of being dark and doom. Listening to GYZE, it’s like you step into the world of some kind of epic, fantasy anime. To me, this is an extremely nice and fresh wind in the metal scene, because over here, ‘’Asian metal’’ is not as popular as you might think.


The EP is called ‘’The Rising Dragon’’, and that is probably because it contains three versions of this song, GYZE’s ‘’normal’’ version, an instrumental track and -oh yes- a version with Marc Hudson from Dragonforce. I can’t express how happy I am with this collaboration, not only has Marc the perfect voice to compliment GYZE, he is literally from DRAGONFORCE. So many dragons!


‘’The Rising Dragon’’ songs are not the only ones featured on the EP, we also have ‘’Japanese Elegy’’ and a live version of ‘’Dragon Calling’’. ‘’Japanese Elegy’’ has both the melodies and growls I love. But that goes for the whole EP, it’s super melodic without losing that ‘’Japanese sound’’, if you know what I mean. The live version of ‘’Dragon Calling’’ also kicks some serious ass, and for a live recording the quality is really good.


I rate ‘’The Rising Dragon EP’’ by GYZE a 5 out of 5. It’s insanely good, and I should definitely take a dive in the more Eastern metal bands of the world, there must be more hidden pearls out there. Sometimes Western metal tends to get a repetitive, it’s a good time to change some things up.

Catch GYZE on tour:

08.06.18 JP - Shibuya / Club ASIA

09.06.18 JP - Osaka / Club Vijon

10.06.18 JP - Nagoya / Club ZION

22.06.18 JP - Sapporo / Kraps Hall ES - Leyendas del Rock

15.-18.08.18 DE - Summer Breeze Open Air

17.-18.08.18 DE - Turock Open Air


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By Tamar




Ryoji - Guitar & Vocals

Shuji - Drums

Aruta - Bass & Vocals