Helion Prime - Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster



AFM Records

Release: August 31, 2018


Helion Prime returns with their sophomore effort ‘’Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster’’ on August 31st, 2018 through AFM Records. The album consists of nine brand new tracks - with the seventeen minute monster title song marking a stunning finale. The Sacramento (California) based power metal band’s new piece of work was mixed and mastered at LSD studio by Lasse Lammert (known for his work with bands like Alestorm and Gloryhammer).


Helion Prime continues their theme of blending science fiction with science fact. Founder Jason Ashcraft comments: "I wasn't sure where I was going when writing this album. As fans who follow us closely know, it's been a bumping two years for us since the release of our debut. We are back and fully inspired. This album focuses more on human nature and our battle with the good and evil within ourselves. I did not plan this when starting the album but that is where it naturally evolved. I am very pleased with the result and hope you are all as equally excited.”



Failed Hypothesis

A King Is Born

Bury The Sun

Atlas Obscura


The Human Condition


Silent Skies

Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster

This album will mark the first time the full band line up is joined together on a release. This also marks the debut of Sozos Michael on vocals. Sozos remarks on the subject: "Working on this album has been an incredibly rewarding experience. While Jason had a clear vision as to what this album would shape up to be as the principal songwriter, he was always open to my ideas on vocal lines and lyrics. Our collaboration went very smoothly and it definitely shows on the final product."

Jason also comments on the audition of Sozos: "He is the kind of singer I have always dreamed of working with. Not only are his vocal skills top notch but he understands and knows what the music needs. Writing together for this album was a breeze and I hardly had to ask for any rewrites. Often he would send me ideas that was exactly what I was thinking. I am thrilled to work with someone like that and can't wait to see what we accomplish together."


The album starts with a short instrumental intro of two minutes, called ‘’Failed Hypothesis’’. It is a good tension building track, leading into ‘’A King Is Born’’. I am not sure about the label power metal.. Same goes for ‘’Bury The Sun’’,‘’The Human Condition’’ and ‘’Spectrum’’. When I think of power metal, I think of Sabaton and Kamelot. But in comparison to those, Helion Prime kind of sound like a post-hardcore/metalcore band with clean vocals (I think it is the combination of the guitar tuning and Sozos’s voice). Nothing bad about that for me, but calling it power metal is kind of false advertising.


‘’Atlas Obscura’’ and ‘’Furth’’ finally have that classic power metal feeling with the fast guitar riffs and a melodic chorus. ‘’Silent Skies’’ starts off as an instrumental piece with acoustic guitars, but this quickly fades into the same metalcore-like riffs we heard earlier on this album. The title track, ‘’Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster’’ is a little over seventeen minutes long. When I see tracks that long, my mind automatically thinks: ‘’Will this be their ‘’Greatest Show On Earth’’ (Nightwish)?’’. The answer, YES. This one tracks kind of is a summary of the whole album, but includes that power metal atmosphere.

All in all, ‘’Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster’’ is a good album, if you like experimenting and mixing different genres into one. Nevertheless, I enjoyed listening to it!


Rating: 7/10


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By Tamar



Sozos Michael (vocals)

Jason Ashcraft (rhythm guitar)

Chad Anderson (lead guitar)

Jeremy Steinhouse (bass guitar)

Alex Bosson (drums)