Julian’s Lullaby – Prisoner of Emotions



Musica Production

Released: December 8th, 2017


Formed in 2006, Julian’s Lullaby is a Greek heavy / symphonic metal band with various influence, as their aim is to blend metal and rock music with neo-classical and acoustic-folk elements. Although many line-up changes have occurred to-date, the vision still remains pretty much the same. In 2008 they performed live at Ermoupolis Rock festival (Syros island) as well as at Greektures of the Night Kiss tribute live, and in 2011 they released their debut full-length album, “Dreaming of your fears”. In December 2017, they have released their sophomore effort, “Prisoner of emotions”, via the Russian label Musica!


Based on the classical ‘beauty and the beast’ approach, “Prisoner of Emotions” features the melodic female vocals (at times even operatic) of Anna Lullaby and the harsh / clean male vocals of George Saddler on a background of guitars and drums. The music itself is not that heavy or aggressive, except for the occasional guitar solo, or drum play, but it is really mellow and rockish, which makes for an easy listen through. I especially like the piano parts that add depth and emotion to an already emotional collection of songs.




Angel’s East*

Curse of Gods

Death angel


Eyes of gray

Hanging crown

Hell’s door*

Prisoner of emotions*

Single thought



Starting with the sound of drums and cello, “Angel’s East*” soon picks up pace once the guitar and drums kick in and develops into a gothic rock anthem, with a neat solo, and some piano lines in the middle. “Curse of Gods” furthers the darkness of the album, though mostly on drums and vocals, and Anna’s voice really shine on this one. The guitar riff on the beginning of “Death angel” is one of the heaviest of the album, sustained by precise drum beats. I love how Anna and George’s vocals overlap on the verses, as opposite to playing off of each other, while the backing orchestration wraps everything is a layer of gloom. Following is “Domino*”, another rather heavy, orchestral, gloomy track, where again their vocals overlap. The drums are alert and the guitars are sharp. Thigs slow down with the soulful power ballad “Eyes of grey”, where some beautiful cello lines add an air of sorrow and mournfulness to the backing orchestration.

 The up-tempo “Hanging crown” is such a classy piece with a sweet violin line and urgent guitar riffs. The lengthy “Hell’s door*”, also the single released to promote the album, can be seen as another gothic rock anthem, having all the elements in perfect balance – atmosphere, catchy chorus, nice interplay between the two vocalists, groovy guitar lines, and a piano part. Basically a good description of this album. The title track “Prisoner of emotions*” has some “Nymphetamine” vibes throughout it, as George seems to be channeling his inner Dani Filth. The folky ballad “Single though” starts off on acoustic guitars and drums, but soon the gloomy atmosphere takes over with Anna’s crystal clear vocals, and some cello and violin lines that add extra harmonies to the instrumental. “Starbringer” closes the album on a very energetic note.

All in all, “Prisoner of Emotions” is a very easy-to-listen-to album, with some very nice moments and passages, though not as diverse as I would have liked. I get that a certain formula for writing songs works well, but sometimes changing things up a bit doesn’t hurt, au contraire it keeps things fresh and interesting. For me, it’s too much of the same, but if you rather prefer atmosphere and dramatism over fast-paced guitars and catchy melodies, this one is definitely for you.


Rating: 7 / 10








By Andrea




Anna Lullaby: Vocals

George Saddler: Vocals/ Bass/ Lyrics

Charis Kambitsis: Drums

Elias Negrin: Guitars/ compositions/ arrangements