Kalidia – The Frozen Throne



Inner Wound Recordings

Release: November 23, 2018


Breathing new life into the male-dominated power metal scene is Kalidia, an Italian band led by the charismatic vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini. Formed in 2010, the band released their first demo EP in 2012 and started to play extensively around Italy. After receiving great response from both press and fans, the band independently released the debut album “Lies’ Device” in 2014, and toured Italy, Germany, and the UK sharing the stage with major acts like Rhapsody of Fire, Serenity, Cellar Darling, Ancient Bards, Vision Divine, Timo Tolkki, DGM and many more. Inspired by such classic bands like Hammerfall or Stratovarious, Kalidia has created an uplifting melodic power metal album in the form of “The Frozen Throne”, out November 23 via Inner Wound Recordings.


The first single release from the album was actually the title track, “Frozen throne”, and it perfectly showcased the new Kalidia sound, with melodic and catchy vocal lines, groovy guitars and a chorus that got stuck in my head. Then the second single “Black sails” really convinced me that this album is something to look forward to, as it was rocking, catchy and quite different from “Frozen throne”, and in between the two of them describe the album perfectly – heavy, diverse, epic and thoroughly enjoyable.



The frozen throne

Circe’s spell

Black sails


To the darkness I belong

Myth of Masada

Midnight’s chant

Go beyond



Queen of the forsaken




Even though “The Frozen Throne” is pure power metal to the bone – with soaring choruses, high-energy guitar riffs, catchy melodies, headbang-ish rhythms, and all the charm of the genre – it also has some nice surprises along the way that make listening to it a real pleasure. If “Frozen throne” is a nice introduction to the album, “Circe’s spell” brings in the magic with some oriental sounds that you’d likely hear on a Myrath song, some powerful drum beats, and a melodic guitar solo to cap it off. “Black sails” is very up-tempo and lively, very likely to get you dancing, while “Orpheus” is quite dark and somber, but with an excellent guitar solo and pounding drums that make this song into a great headbanger. The power ballad “To the darkness I belong” has some backing violin lines, beautifully executed by Gabriele Boschi, that add so much to the intensity and dramatism of the lyrics and the vocal delivery.

“Myth of Masada” starts again with some oriental sounds and rumbling drums, and just grows in heaviness and aggression, with David Bassin adding some edge with his vocals in key moments of the song, and a shredding guitar solo. A highlight of the album. On the other hand, “Midnight’s chant” is emotional and beautiful, with some soulful piano lines, melodic vocals, and an overall melancholy feel to it. “Go beyond” is more atmospheric but still pretty heavy and uplifting, while “Amethyst” is a straight-up rocking monster of a track, that will have you headbanging in no time, with chugging guitars and a massive wall of sound coming from the drums. “Lotus” alternates between mellow parts with acoustic guitar lines and soft vocals and heavier parts, with electric guitar riffs, that give the song a nice balance and a fair amount of dynamism. The closing track “Queen of the forsaken” has an old school power metal vibe to it, and features some of Nicoletta’s best vocals on this album.

I am not sure what I like best about “The Frozen Throne” as it has some crazy good guitar lines from Federico Paolini, Dario Gozzi delivers some intense drumming throughout, Roberto Donati’s bass adds an extra layer of thickness to the sound, and Nicoletta Rosellini’s voice is in top shape, quite powerful, dark and resounding. There are so many details in the songs that make them extra special and add some variety to the classic formula. A splendid addition to the power metal catalogue, and a strong comeback from Kalidia. Definitely worth checking out!


Rating: 9 / 10






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By Andrea




Nicoletta Rosellini – vocals

Federico Paolini – guitars

Roberto Donati – bass

Dario Gozzi – drums