Kissin Dynamite – Ecstasy



Metal Blade Records

Released: July 6, 2018


“Rock and roll will never die, because rock and roll is a way of life” - Brent Smith - Shinedown


Started as a high-school band in 2007, Kissin Dynamite quickly became one of Germany’s most appreciated hard rock / heavy metal acts. Since their debut in 2008 with “Steel of Swabia” they have released four more albums, have played over 500 live concerts, amongst other things on biker-parties and big festivals in their home country and overseas. They also had a couple of TV-appearances and are going to release their sixth album, titles “Ecstasy” on July 6th, via Metal Blade Records.


Keeping the flame of rock and roll alive, the band’s main goal is to bring back stadium rock, by creating music that is both highly engaging as well as very catchy. And listening to “Ecstasy” I can easily picture the songs resounding in an arena, with fans singing along, headbanging, dancing, clapping their hands, crowdsurfing, and just having a blast. And that because there are many hook lines, rocking riffs, incredible solos, and an infectious 80’s vibe a la Bon Jovi thought out the album, starting with the opener, and single, “I’ve got the fire”.



I've got the fire

You're not alone

Somebody’s gotta do it


Still around



Breaking the silence

Waging war

One more time

Heart of stone

Wild wind (bonus)

No time to wonder (bonus)

The up-beat mood of the album continues with the dynamic “You’re not alone”, and the rocking “Somebody’s gotta do it”, which has a really good guitar solo to it. The title track “Ecstasy” is a duet with Anna Brunner (of Exit Eden fame) and her raspy vocals fit perfectly with the vibrant instrumental and Hannes’s voice, making it a highlight of the album.

Up next is another highlight of this album, “Still Around”, a soulful guitar driven rock ballad, which wouldn’t be out of place in a compilation of 80’s rock music, alongside the likes of Bon Jovi’s “I’ll be there for you”, Europe’s “Carrie” or Scorpions’ “Still loving you”, it’s that good. The vocal hooks and rhythmic instrumental come back in full force with “Superhuman” and “Placebo”, and the urge to sing along to the lyrics and headbang is overwhelming, and in a live setting, these songs will be definite crowd-pleasers. “Breaking the silence” is a bit different from the rest, having a more melodic metal feel to it, and a groovy bass line, while the vocal melodies in “Waging War” again remind me so much of Bon Jovi’s “You give love a bad name”, it’s uncanny. Highly addictive nonetheless. The fast-pace and up-tempo melodies continue with “One more time”, but things slow down with album closer “Heart of Stone”, a power ballad that showcase both Hannes’s versatility as a singer as well as the band’s songwriting prowess.


Coming full circle to the quote at the beginning, “Ecstasy” proves that rock and roll is very much alive and kicking, and I salute the members of Kissin Dynamite for such a great collection of lively and spirited songs, but also for their passion and dedication to rock music. This album is ideal for a summer party, or if you just want to have a good time with friends, because of the high level energy and general feel-good vibe of the songs.



Hannes Braun – vocals

Ande Braun – guitar

Jim Müller – guitar

Andi Schnitzer – drums

Steffen Haile – bass