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Light the Torch is an American heavy metal from Los Angeles, California. This is not a new band, are you familiar with the name Devil You Know? Because this is them under their new moniker.


Formed in 2012 after drummer John and guitarist Francesco began jamming and writing together, the two decided to seek a vocalist. A couple of demos were sent to Killswitch Engage’s Howard Jones who became interested joined the band later that same year. The band signed with record label Nuclear Blast in 2013 and have released two album under the name Devil You Know. The band had faced many hardships such as poor sales and negative criticisms on their music, then things started to take a toll until in 2016, issues among members caused the split in the band with of founder and drummer John Sankey, facing legal issues due to the latter wanted to claim part copyright of the name.


It was time for a change, it was time for us to try and stretch our wings. We were really going for songs. The structuring made more sense. I was focused on melody and harmony. I really cut loose. All in all, it was the perfect storm. We had so much fun making this, because there were really no restrictions other than creating a heavy and catchy body of work.” - Howard Jones




Die Alone

The God I Deserve

Calm Before the Storm

Raise the Dead

The Safety of Disbelief


The Great Divide

The Bitter End

Lost In The Fire

The Sound Of Violence

Pull My Heart Out

Judas Convention




“Die Alone” is a great track to start the album as it opens with a powerful riff, giving us what we'll be expecting from this album. Howard's voice brings life to the lyrics that he considers as a “letter to myself”, with heavy hitting lines such as “there's nothing in the shadows, and you will be the one to die alone”. Coming up is “The God I Deserve” builds up with thick guitar distortions, jumps into great melodic hooks and an emotive chorus provide by Jones’ powerful tones. My favorite song in the album, “Calm Before the Storm” is a heavy hitting track that brings high energy to the album and the chorus will have you playing it in your mind over and over again. According to Howard’s word, the song tells about “trying to be there for those who need you”. “Raise the Dead” comes at you with a barrage of riffs and drum beats and becomes a very rhythmic song. “The Safety of Disbelief” talks about vulnerability as it's hinted by lyrics such as “I can never be all that you want from me, and I am broken, I will fail you constantly”. Next comes “Virus”, a dark and aggressive track where Jones starts to shows off his screams and the keyboards in the background adds a nice atmosphere to the track.

“The Great Divide” is a ballad as told by the band, the song gave me some Linkin Park vibes as Howard's soulful voice brings out emotions. “The Bitter End” comes in with battering drums and crushing guitars riffs leaving me reminiscence of Jones’ former band Killswitch Engage. “Lost in the Fire” gives us nu-metal guitar riffs at the start but then the song follows the similar formula as the others.“The Sound of Violence” is a classic metalcore, heaviest song in the album and the explosive chorus and killer melody shows you how intense they've gotten compared to their previous release. “Pull Out My Heart” is a weak song in my opinion but Howard brings so much power to his melodic side that I can't say this an uninteresting track. “Judas Convention” is “now the end of the story” for this album, my main focus was the lyrics, looking over it, the song may be directed towards the band’s former drummer, comparing his action to Judas’ betrayal with the sounds of anger and relief now that every obstacle is now behind and a new beginning has emerged.


“It was a long road to get here we reworked everything. Once we started this, things snowballed. It was like, ‘wow, we can breathe again.’ “Revival” felt like the appropriate name.”

“Revival” is the perfect title for the first album as Light the Torch, it shows big improvements and direction the band has done with the sound, bringing many new fans and gaining positive recognition they deserved.


The album “Revival” takes a 9/10 from me, great album and now my favorite band, can't wait to hear what they will come up next, but for now, let's enjoy this album.


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By Joshua


Band members:


Howard Jones - vocals

Francesco Artusato - guitars

Ryan Wombacher - bass

Mike “Scuzz” Sciulara - drum