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Release: August 3, 2018


Lord of the Lost was founded in mid-2007 by Chris Harms as a solo project. While working on the initial songs and publishing them on MySpace, Harms received a lot of positive reception and realized that he would require a full band to play them live. He recruited other musicians from his friends in the Hamburg music scene to form the band and begin working on the first album. Harms originally called the project Lord, but changed the name of the band to Lord of the Lost to avoid possible name disputes with Lordi and The Lords. Before Lord of the Lost, Harms was a singer and guitarist of the rock band Philiae (1999-2004), a guitarist and second singer with the Glam-Metal-Band The Pleasures (2004-2007), as well as a musician on various projects like Big Boy or Unterart.


The debut single Dry The Rain was released in 2009 and the debut album Fears was released in 2010 with the independent label Out of Line. While recording the second album Antagony Lord of the Lost went on an extended tour through 2010 which included international shows and festivals such as the Wave-Gotik-Treffen, the Wacken Open Air and the M'era Luna Festival.



On This Rock I Will Build My Church


Black Halo

In Our Hands




Cut Me Out

The Mortarian

Under The Sun

In Darkness, In Light



 In 2011 they released ‘’Antagony’’, followed by ‘’Die Tomorrow’’ in 2012, 2014’s ‘’From The Flame Into The Fire’’, 2016’s ‘’Empyrean and now ‘’Thornstar’’.


Lord of the Lost produces music across several genres including metal and glam rock influenced dark rock, industrial music, and classical music. In interviews with the magazine Orkus and the website Subexistance, Chris Harms has cited bands such as Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and Lady Gaga as some of the many performers that he listens to and is influenced by.

‘’Thornstar’’ opens with ‘’On This Rock I Will Build My Church’’, which is also the first single that was released. Believe me or not, but this was the first track I’ve ever heard from Lord Of The Lost. While they have all the elements I love in music, I had never found them before that release. It is a great track, though the title is long. ‘’Loreley’’ is one of the best examples of industrial metal I can give you at the moment, the lyrics are fairly easy but it’s great dancing music. On ‘’Black Halo’’ we hear the classical influence, the orchestra plays a big part in this song, yet it is not overly present. ‘’In Our Hands’’ is a track I can not really place, it’s definitely not bad though.


‘’Morgana’’ was the second single that was released to promote ‘’Thornstar’’. I absolutely adore this song! There is a really nice balance between the dark rock and metal influences, the chorus feels kind of empty but the orchestra perfectly makes up for that. ‘’Haythor’’ is another one of your favourite headbang tracks, yet the chorus seems to bore me a bit. I would rather place both  ‘’Naxxar’’ and ‘’Cut Me Out’’ in the doom metal corner than industrial metal, the pace on these two songs are slow compared to the previous tracks.

 ‘’The Mortarian’’, ‘’Under The Sun’’ and ‘’In Darkness, In Light’’ bring us more industrial vibes and again and even a bit of electronic elements. I really like the melody of ‘’The Mortarian’’ its chorus, because I expected the vocal line to be a bit higher than it turned out to be. By now I expected an instrumental track, but I like that they set me on the wrong foot sometimes, they have a big element of surprise there. ‘’Forevermore’’ is also another great track, which is followed by album-closer ‘’Ruins’’ (I am not reviewing the deluxe version). ‘’Ruins’’ is a bit heavier than the previous few songs, but what’s not to love?

In conclusion, ‘’Thornstar’’ is a great album, but I’d only recommend it if you’re into industrial metal. With only a taste for symphonic metal, this probably won’t be something that you like. But it has been a while since the industrial metal has seen a good album, and Lord Of The Lost has done an amazing job on that.


Rating: 7,5/10


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By Tamar



Some parts of this article were taken off https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_of_the_Lost


Chris "The Lord" Harms - vocals, guitar, cello

Class Grenayde (Klaas Helmecke) - bass

Gared Dirge (Gerrit Heinemann) - piano, synthesizer, percussion, guitar, theremin

π (Pi Stoffers) - guitar

Niklas Kahl - drums