Lords Of Black - Icons Of The New Days



Frontiers Records

Released: May 11, 2018


Spanish melodic power metal band Lords of Black have released their third album, “Icons of the new days”, earlier this year, via Frontiers Records. The band was formed in Madrid in 2014, and has since released two highly acclaimed albums – the self-titled debut (2014) and the sophomore album simply titled “II” (2016).


Once again the four talented musicians – vocalist Ronnie Romero (of Rainbow fame), guitarist Tony Hernando, drummer Andres Cobos and bassist Dani Criado – prove that they are a force to the reckoned on in context of the modern metal scene.


Mixing traditional heavy metal with progressive and power metal elements, and a solid production that highlights the individual skills of the band, Lords of Black have delivered yet another heavy, dense, and riff-full album that will definitely please the fans and maybe even gain some new ones. “Icons of the new days” is all power and no filler. And quite impressive at that.



World gone mad

Icons of the new days

Not in a place like this

When a hero takes a fall


The way I’ll remember


King’s reborn

Long way to go

The edge of darkness

Wait no prayers for the dying

All I have left

 From the rocking opener “World gone mad” all the way to the lengthy closer “All I have left”, the album is quite dynamic, varied and energetic, with powerful metal tunes like the semi ballad “Forevermore”, and even some that could be considered as epic and “King’s reborn” definitely fits the bill. Chilean vocalist Ronnie Romero more than proves why he was chosen by Ritchie Blackmore for the reunion of Rainbow, as his Dio-like raspy vocals play along the tight instrumental beautifully, delivering some nice hooks and vocal lines that highlight his talents and skills as for instance on the up-tempo “Long way to go”, or the on the power ballad “The way I’ll remember”.

And speaking of the tight instrumental, the ones responsible for such a great rhythmic backbone to this album are guitarist Tony Hernando, bassist Dani Criado, drummer Andy Cobos, and I cannot say which one of them did a better job, as every part and passage is so well executed, from the precise drum beats to the groovy guitar and bass lines, and such tracks as “The edge of forever” or “When a hero takes a fall” really highlight their skills. Personally, I am very impressed with the proggy feel of “All I have left” and the complexity of the instrumental on this track, and especially that killer guitar solo. But honestly the whole album is a testimony to their collective talents and virtuosity, but also to brilliant songwriting. Every instrument has a chance to shine, but without overpowering the rest. There is also some keyboard work here and there, that complements the instrumental, adding some beautiful layers of harmony and melody to the overall sound.  

“Icons of the new days” is one of those albums that the more you listen to, the more you discover, as it doesn’t give away all its secrets on the first couple of listens, and this is something quite rare nowadays. It’s quality metal from start to finish! Highly recommend!


Rating: 9 / 10







By Andrea




Ronnie Romero – vocals

Tony Hernando – guitars

Daniel Criado – Bass

Andres Cobos – Drums, piano, keyboards