MARTYR - You Are Next



Pure Steel Publishing/Into The Limelight Records

Release: May 31, 2016


After the release of the highly acclaimed "Circle Of 8" in 2011 Martyr proudly presents ‘’You Are Next’’, the next step in the ever-changing cycle. Without disrespect yet always following their own path they bring you their latest sonic assault on your ears in the form of heavy, thrash and power metal all into one. By fusing the ingredients of past releases and modern elements they bring you a deadly cocktail of what will remind you of how it felt to be alive again. Raw, unfiltered and passionate energy in the form of a prescription for your daily dose of metal health. No need for the doctor's appointment because it appears that YOU ARE NEXT on their schedule.




Into the Darkest of All Realms


Inch By Inch

Souls Breathe

Unborn Evil



Mother’s Tear

In the End

Don’t Need Your Money

“You Are Next” offers 10 tracks of the classic sounds of heavy metal music starting with the “Into the Darkness of All Realms”, the opening track comes in with drums blasting and galloping rhythm guitar at a high speed tempo, the following song “Infinity” continues but changes a bit of style with the instrumentation like the drums focus more on the cymbal-clashing and the guitars gives out the chugging quick riffs. The powerhouse vocals by Rop van Haren and the funky bass line, I'm bought into these two song and definitely will have fans headbanging at their shows. For the most part of the album, half of the tracklist follows the same formula but they are tracks that separates themselves from the rest, tracks like “Souls Breathe” is more thrash metal as it's more fast paced with more harsh vocals by Rop and the drum bashing. The following track “Unborn Evil” sounds more inspired by doom metal music by it's slow-paced tempo and thick guitar distortions.

There are tracks I really enjoyed from the album like “Monster” with it's perfect drum tempo that you can headband along with throughout the song, power metal track Crawl” with it's thunderous loud sound, and lastly “Mother’s Tears” with the highlighted parts of the rhythm guitar riffs and electric guitar solo on top of it that blends well not overpowering each other.


Rick Bouwman - guitars

Rop van Haren - vocals

Wilfried Broekman - drums

Jeffrey Bryan Rijnsburger - bass

Marcel Heesakkers - guitars

Overall, the band retains it's classic heavy sound from the early 80s and the album is perfect for fans who love to headbang whether it's from they catchy vocals, to great riffs, powerful drums, and awesome bass work, or to those also to those looking for bands like Anthrax, Iron Maiden, or Judas Priest.


I give the album an 8.5 out of 10.


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By Joshua
Edit by Tamar