Morgengrau - Blood Oracle



Unspeakable Axe Records

Release: June 22, 2018


Out of fire-blasted Texas comes Morgengrau, returning with their new album ‘’Blood Oracle’’. The band's German name belies its American origins, just as much as its combination of Euro-death riffs and rhythms with the Floridian originators of the genre will keep listeners guessing. With a vicious approach reminiscent of Asphyx, Pestilence, Deicide and Celtic Frost, ‘’Blood Oracle’’ is eight tracks deep with the kind of death metal that the genre's most loyal fans will devour. It was produced by the great Harris Johns (Celtic Frost, Kreator, Pestilence, Voivod, and too many more to list), ensuring that its sound is honed to a fine edge.


Featuring atmospheric artwork by Nick Keller (who has done concept paintings for numerous movies including The Lord of the Rings and Mad Max: Fury Road, in addition to his stellar cover art for many bands), this album aims to surpass in every way Morgengrau's self-released debut.



Blood Oracle

Wolves Of Thirteen


Poised At The Precipice Of Doom

Forced Exodus

Invert The Marker

Incipit Bellum

Evocation Of The Wheel

‘’Blood Oracle’’ is will be available directly from Unspeakable Axe Records, on CD and digital platforms, on May 18, and through international distribution channels on June 22.

Usually, when I see a death metal promo, I download it right away. That said, Morgengrau’s ‘’Blood Oracle’’ was kind of a bitter pill to swallow. Since I received it I have listened a few times but I do not enjoy the way the vocals are recorded and mixed into the instrumentals. It seems like there lays an effect over the vocals, which does not make it sound that clean, it sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom. There were a few tracks I liked, ‘’Forced Exodus’’ and ‘’Blood Oracle’’, but that was more for the rhythm and the guitar riffs.


I rate ‘’Blood Oracle’’ by Morgengrau a 4 out of 10.


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By Tamar


Line Up:


E Morgengrau - Guitar and Vocals

N Norris - Guitar

J Holmes - Bass

K Elrod - Session drums for Blood Oracle