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“You don’t have to love me, there’s one thing you should know.

My love will not unravel, it’s unconditional.

My indigo!”


My Indigo, a long-awaited solo band by Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation. Fans have been longing to know if Sharon will ever do her own songs out of the symphonic rock band, and now, years later, we finally got our answer.


During their break after concluding the Hydra World Tour, things have been quiet from them, wondering if they're going to start music for the next release. Updates emerged when Sharon and the band’s individual Facebook pages uploaded a black image with the text saying “Official Statement - Sharon Den Adel - Coming soon…”, scaring fans that either Within Temptation has decided to call it quits, or Sharon has decided to step down as the band’s singer permanently. Until November 2017, Sharon went on a Dutch late night show to announce that she has begun a solo project, releasing the self-titled single the next day, and that Within Temptation is still on!




My Indigo

Crash and Burn

Out of the Darkness

Indian Summer

Black Velvet Sun

Where is My Love

Someone Like You

Star Crossed Lovers

Lesson Learned

Safe and Sound


 “My Indigo is my blues; my feelings and emotions. Not only negative, but also positive emotions and feeling, but negative feelings often have more impact.” - Sharon Den Adel


The pop-project wasn't planned to be released publicly by Sharon, but two years of composing for herself, her newfound inspiration helped her begin to start the demo phase for Within Temptation new record, making her to share the project with the public on television and social media.

Sharon’s solo adventures starts with the self-titled track “My Indigo”, opening with soft acoustic guitars, Sharon’s voice joins in taking over as lead on the song, the guitars balances with the vocal giving us a perfect blend of the emotional feel of the song wants to give. Coming into the chorus line, the atmosphere becomes filled with rhythmic electronic beats and synths giving us that 80’s vibes, and the echoing effects in voices are perfectly done. As the song progresses, it builds up with bigger drum sounds and Sharon beings to show her true voice and the powers of her written words. Next, is a highly anticipated track that debuted during the 2016 fashion show of JANBOELO for the fall/winter collection, “Crash and Burn”. The song begins spoken words reenacting Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech quoting a verse of Luke, 3:5, which is a new addition to the song. With a brassy entrance and bold, euphoric stompy beats, the lyrics talks about someone who likes to live on the edge, and whenever they fall down, they pick themselves back up. I loved trumpet in this track as it adds more jazzy flavors to the beats and catchy chorus. “Out of the Darkness” is a calm but also a melancholic song on the album, Starting of with a beautiful piano melody, Sharon delivers a comforting voice as this song deals with issue of someone being at their lowest point of their life, but realize things will get better and that not your not alone as others have gone through the same state of mind. The choir was a perfect touch as people come together to run “out of the darkness”.


“Indian Summer” is a short laid-back song and has more of a reggae feel compared to the other songs, plus a perfect balance of the strings and electronics, the track is one of those good songs to put on a summer playlist. “Black Velvet Sun”, an infectious catchy song, it feels strange to hear Sharon bring an almost rap-speed style to her singing, but no matter what, she still brings that beautiful lyrical voice over the percussions. The violin in the background was a great addition that emphasizes the ethereal atmosphere to the song. The following song “Where is My Love” describes about inequality between man and a woman still persist and love does not create the exception. It’s a very sombre track as the lyrics are written in a woman’s perspective highlights the injustices that one must overcome the many trials and must not ever apologize for their faults, but it gives off a sense of empowerment to women.

“Someone Like You” (not the song by Adele) is an ode to that very special someone, a bubbly song with tropical beats with a lovely storytelling of two young teenagers in love who got married, and years later, knowing they will part from the living, and they realize heavy is their glory. The arrangements and vocals are woven together beautifully, it kinda gives me that feel of a Bob Marley track. “Star Crossed Lovers”, title based of a quote from Romeo and Juliet, brings the indie-folk in the beginning. It may sound like a Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”, but the song has it's originality when it comes to the arrangements and lyrics. The electronic are very subtle, not overpowering too much that drowns out the vocals, and with the use of the violin and guitars, it gives the song the romantic feel it was intending. “Lesson Learned” is a slower straightforward track starting with a soft piano melody in balance with Sharon’s soft voice, after the minute mark, the piano is replaced with electronic synths and bolder beats are added in. The structure is consistent, nothing too grand, but the lyrics are a great recovery to match the mood of the song.


Closing the album is “Safe and Sound”, an uplifting song about protection and encouragement. A powerful way to go out the album as the song haunts you from Sharon’s voice as she delivers her words of wisdom. The soaring vocals will bring you chills and the beats goes all out towards the end.

Sharon never loses that magic touch she brings to music, My Indigo was Sharon’s healing process for her personal struggles and newfound inspiration to songwriting as we can tell how mature the lyrics are in the album, but also an opportunity to get out of the limelight and come to terms with hardships in her personal life.


Comparing to the songs we hear in today’s big stations (depending on where you live), is that we don't get enough storytelling in the songs, Sharon was able to do it on a whole 10-track album. Not many Within Temptation fans will enjoy her solo album, but I love the new direction Sharon has taken in her music career as she is not stranger to the europop scene, and with the help of Daniel Gibson was able to stay within her comfort zone. I love it, the music is well balanced, hypnotic, catchy, emotional and well thought out. I give “My Indigo” a 10 out of 10.

I'll be looking forward for the new Within Temptation album and what the future will hold for My Indigo.


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