Needlepoint - The Diary Of Robert Reverie



BJK Music

Release: May 25, 2018


Needlepoint is a Norwegian band operating in the border between rock and jazz, with references to the psychedelia and prog of the 60s and 70s. Including important jazz musicians, the band started out as a trio with Bjørn Klakegg, Nikolai Eilertsen, and Thomas Strønen in 2010 releasing the album The Woods Are Not What They Seem. David Wallumrød joined the team in 2012 and the album Outside The Screen was released the same year. Finally Olaf Olsen (from Bigbang), replaced Thomas Strønen in 2014, and in this formula they have released the album Aimless Mary in 2015. And 2018 sees the release of their fourth album, The Diary of Robert Reverie, via BJK Music.


Combining mesmerising melodies with some 70’s fusion and groove, and then adding a dash of classy progrock a la Caravan or Camel, Needlepoint have created a very uplifting and spirited album filled with tons of harmonies and well, groove.



Robert Reverie

On the floor

All kinds of clouds

Will it turn silent

In my field of view


Beneath my feet

In the sea

Shadow in the corner

And this is obvious from the start as “Robert Reverie” is all about rhythm, as the guitar, bass, drums and keyboard create a very dance-friendly soundscape, while the vocals tell of the “strange old man” that is the hero of this story. “On the floor” is a bit more rockish, as Bjørn Klakegg’s guitar line is front and center, almost drowning out the vocals, while also intermingling nicely with the keyboards. “All kinds of clouds” starts out with a nifty bass line from Nikolai Eilertsen, which continues throughout the album, but it seems like the go-to instrument is the keyboard, and David Wallumrød’s playing is well highlighted on the ballad “Will it turn silent”.

Again we hear the deep bass notes on both “In my field of view” and “Grasshoppers”, and I really enjoy they way they contrast with Bjørn Klakegg’s soft vocals. The latter also features some lovely drums beats, courtesy of Olaf Olsen, but also some lively keyboard that fit really well with the nature theme of the song. “Beneath my feet” is another rhythm driven, dance friendly track, where the instruments, especially the keyboard, work together to create nice harmonies and melodies, that mingle well with the vocal lines. “In the sea” is a slower, jazzier piece that focus more on Bjørn Klakegg’s vocals, while the groovy “Shadow in the corner” closes the album on a very atmospheric note.

“The Diary of Robert Reverie” is a seemingly effortless, enthusiastic and playful collection of songs that have a dreamy feel to them, because of the well used jazz-rock elements. It makes for a light, easy, relaxing listen through, perfect for a lazy, summer afternoon.


Rating: 8 / 10




By Andrea




Bjørn Klakegg - guitar & vocals

David Wallumrød - keyboards

Nikolai Eilertsen - bass

Olaf Olsen - drums