Oceans of Slumber - The Banished Heart



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Release: 02/03/2018


In all probability Oceans of Slumber is the best metal band you’ve never heard of. They are

super unique and each member of this band is talented beyond measure. They all bring it to the

table. Normally some band members, usually the vocalists, stand out as the front-person, and one

of the instrumentalists might also shine in the forefront. Occasionally even two of the

instrumentalists will drop you into a vat of pure metal. It’s different with Oceans of Slumber. I

first saw their video “Winter” a few months ago and have been hooked on their music ever

since. This band is impressive mainly because every artist in the band blows you away. Get

ready to scoop your jaw off the floor!




The Decay Of Disregard

Fleeting Vigilance

At Dawn

The Banished Heart

The Watcher


A Path To Broken Stars

Howl Of The Rougarou

Her In The Distance

No Color, No Light

Wayfaring Stranger


Another thought I had upon hearing some of this ear candy for the first time was, “Wow. This

band seems almost drum-driven.” In truth, their instrument styles meld so well but the drumming

shines through brighter than any other drumming I have heard. Dob kicks up the drumming to an

off-the- scale level, on The Banished Heart. He can even make you rock out to slow songs as that

feel sped-up with his rhythms creating a bipolar medley you can’t help but revere. Everything is

perfect. Cammie has an excellent soulful and very distinctive voice which is perfect for an album

like The Banished Heart. Her sound is as distinctive as such metal singers as Charlotte Wessels

(Delain), Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish, now solo), and Vibeke Stene (ex-Tristania). Any of

Oceans of Slumber's musicians would be the shining star in any other band and the one everyone

would be talking about as being the talent behind it... but here they are all in the same band! This

powerhouse is too much to pass up. Do your ears a favor and take a listen to the videos at the

bottom of the page to get yourself ready for Oceans of Slumber’s newest album.

Like so many of their songs, The Banished Heart, in its entirety, is somewhat unique not only to

other metal but even to Oceans of Slumber as it has a darker and angrier feel. The Banished

Heart has a truly inspired strong beginning with the first song ''The Decay of Disregard'' It intros

with some melancholy music, then you start to hear some dissonance notes creeping into the song that grows and grows to build into a shrieking, screaming, unpleasant noise. Then it breaks right into angry rock n’ roll. It feels so odd from the dissonance of the song at the beginning..I have little doubt the disagreeable noise is meant to musically symbolize someone screaming in anger. You just have to listen to that awful sound to break through to the pure emotion of rage. Many bands shy away from such dark music, but I believe people find comfort in music which we can relate to. Everyone has been in this dark place once time or another in their life.


Another thing I love is this album is both heavy and uplifting. Some songs seem to suggest that although we are in a very grim place now, there is hope for the future. As Dobber explains, “The album travels through concepts of neglect, death, absolute heartbreak, love and finding peace,” he continues, “The Banished Heart represents the return. The return of life or love after a long exile, when everything seemed lost or hopeless. It all sparked from the birth of my daughter. I relearned what true and unconditional love felt like. The Banished Heart is about leaving the void and taking a long hard road to perdition” This intent shines through from the first listen, even if you are just playing it as background music while you do the dishes. You will not miss the theme of this album, even without tuning in to the lyrics.

The only fault I could find with The Banished Heart is it is being too short with only 11 songs.

That might not sound like a lot but some of the songs do go on for 9 minutes so it all evens out at

the end. Still, I wouldn’t have lowered my rating if it were longer... I just want more! So I will

still give this album a 10/10. This will definitely be making it to my iPhone. I loved it through

and through but had little doubt I would. I love dark and heavy, and this album is definitely

“lovely, dark and deep.” This is a real treat! Please do yourself a favor and check out the videos.


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By Élan



Cammie Gilbert – Vocals

Anthony Contreras – Guitar

Sean Gary – Guitar

Keegan Kelly – Bass

Dobber Beverly – Drums