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After a decade after it was founded, Octopus sometimes referred as The Octopus), a psychedelic rock band from Detroit, Michigan formed in 2008 by ex-Electric Six guitarist Joe Frezzato, and singer Masha Marijeh, have released their debut album “Supernatural Alliance”.


With three more additional members, Matt O’ Brian, Chuck Burns, and Adam Cox, and their singing with legendary UK label Rise Above Records, the band has finally paid their dues and letting the spirit of invention propel them forward, the quintet are now on blistering collective form and beyond ready to conquer the world with their new album.


The opening track is “Beyond the Center” introduces us their thunderous sounds of the fuzz organs and guitar riffs. Vocals performed by Masha shows off some impressive belts besides the guitar distortion. The next two cymbal clashing tracks “Supernatural Alliance” and “Slave and Master” brings out the groovy sides of the band that comes out with it's piano-driven solos and the wah-ing guitars.



Beyond the Center

Supernatural Alliance

Slave and Master

Strike (While the Iron is Hot)

Child of Destiny (Inaugural Trilogy, Part 3)

The Unknown

The Sword and the Stone

Fleetwood Mac

Black Dynamite




While “Strike (While the Iron is Hot)” brings the spirit of your average neighborhood garage band of old school rock. “Child of Destiny (Inaugural Trilogy, Part 3)” lives up to the band’s extraterrestrial name with it’s eerie use of the synthesizers.


“The Unknown” is a slow and heavy song with a doomy atmosphere and the vocal performance is very mellow. “Sword and the Stone” speed things up a bit with its straightforward energizing rhythms and “Fleetwood Mac” contradicts it with sort of a ballad with rock influence, with the alien-like echoing effects on the vocals from Masha, it can make you feel like if it was going on a trip. “Black Dynamite” is what I call a headbanger’s delight as this song feels like it's taking you out of this world with its psychedelic glory with the organ and distorted guitars. Last is a short track “Dragonhead”, the band gives it all the got with its awesome chorus line and bombastic drumming.

Though my review is short, Supernatural Alliance offers 45 minutes of 70’s-style hardrock songs reminding you of bands such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Pink Floyd. Nothing too grand on the album for my taste, but I did enjoyed tracks like “Beyond the Center”, “Slave and Master”, “Sword and the Stone”, and “Black Dynamite”.


Emerging from Detroit's underground scene, the band has great potential and a big sound as they proved it in this debut album, they are not
to be taken lightly. Supernatural Alliance receives
a good 8 out of 10.

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By Joshua




Joe Frezzato - Guitar

Masha Marijeh - Vocals

Matt O’Brien - Bass

Chuck Burns - Drums

Adam Cox - Keyboards