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Release: August 31st, 2018


Finland’s Omnium Gatherum formed in 1996 and emerged from a vibrant European metal scene with a series of acclaimed demos. With a sound that blended the raging brutality of Scandinavian death metal with a rich sense of melody and harmony, the band’s debut album ‘’Spirits & August Light’’ was released in 2003, and received ecstatic reviews across Europe. The Finns ploughed forward for the next few years, releasing a series of critically lauded albums that further explored guitarist Markus Vanhala’s unique sonic and compositional world. Omnium Gatherum will release ‘’The Burning Cold’’ on August 31 through Century Media Records.


Despite the line-up changes, the band is still around and rocking. “People have come and gone over the years and I’m the only ‘original gangsta’, but the main idea is still the same,” explains guitarist and chief songwriter Markus Vanhala. “We have always been about the marriage of lot of melody and really aggressive vocals. We never sound too cheesy or too aggressive. It’s a chaotic balance between love and hate, melody and aggression, where the melodies meet the growling cookie monster!”



The Burning

Gods Go First

Refining Fire

Rest In Your Heart

Over The Battlefield

The Fearless Entity

Be The Sky

Driven By Conflict

The Frontline

Planet Scale


 “Omnium Gatherum is my first love and greatest passion,” the guitarist states. “On this album I wanted to concentrate more on guitar-driven music, and there’s a lot of guitar melodies and more guitar solos by both guitarists! We also concentrated a lot on producing tight, succinct songs. There aren’t many longer songs on ‘The Burning Cold’. I could say that my songwriting has raised to a new level with this album, honestly! The album goes to both extremes: it’s more melodic but also heavier than anything we’ve done before... but everyone says that, right? Ha ha!” says Vanhala. He continues: “We’re ambitious and hungry as hell, and feels we’ve just started this!” he concludes. “There’s a hell of a lot more still to achieve, but we still do this because we’re having so much fun as group, writing and playing this music. The priority is to keep the bar high for the music. It’s not about success. We always try to beat the last album and we’ve definitely succeeded this time. Don’t worry, we’re not going away yet, not for a long time!

There are two major lyrical concepts on the new album: firstly, it touches on the great human tragedies and misfortunes that are all around us. Tragedies such as war and the engulfing darkness that follows; fortunes which are tangled in experiences that we all share despite this seemingly burning world. Secondly, the lyrics speak loudly about the human emotional condition. How do we love? Why do we hate? Why are some things easier to leave behind than others? Why does death terrify us, and if it does why do people act like it does not exist?


‘’The Burning Cold’’ is an extremely well-balanced album, and is maybe one of the best metal releases of 2018. It contains equal parts of epic melodies, harsh vocals (and clean in some!) and an overall ‘’Scandinavian’’ metal sound. The melodic, death metal fans will love this album instantly, just like I did. ‘’Rest In Your Heart’’ and ‘’The Fearless Entity’’ are somewhat cheesy sounding, but I can’t really put a finger on it. It does sure not take away the listening experience though, in all albums there needs to be a bit of experimentation. I also want to mention that the cover artwork looks amazing, and it really fits the atmosphere of the music. All in all, ‘’The Burning Cold’’ is an album that will be in my playlist for a while.

Rating: 9/10


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By Tamar



Interview parts by Dom Lawson, June 2018



Jukka Pelkonen - Vocals

Markus Vanhala - Guitar

Tuomo Latvala - Drums

Aapo Koivisto - Keyboards

Joonas Koto - Guitar

Erkki Silvennoinen – Bass