Orions Belte - Mint



Jansen Records

Release: September 21, 2018


Is it blues? Is it world music? Is it underground pop? You can choose whichever you want, it’s not important for Orions Belte to be pigeonholed. They play instrumental music inspired by Nigerian 70s rock, postcards from the French riviera, Formula One races at the Monza track in Italy, and when Joe Frazier beat Muhammad Ali in the ‘Fight of the Century’ in 1971. Eclectic and unique – are you able to “hear” how it sounds?


Øyvind Blomstrøm and Chris Holm mainly make a living out of being on the road with other bands, and they’re almost always traveling from town to town, country to country. When their roads crossed for the umpteenth time in 2016, their mutual dream of starting an instrumental project was finally underway. Holm’s companion from the Bergen scene, Kim Åge Furuhaug, wanted to join in on the fun, and then Orions Belte was born.





New Years Eve #2



Joe Frazier

Moving Back Again

Le Mans

Picturephone Blues

Atlantic Surfing


Their debut album ‘’Mint’’ is founded on old traditions but still feels new, and you’ll have to look for a long time to find anything like it. Texas band Khruangbin may be the best comparison as per today, but Orions Belte really belong in their own galaxy. A galaxy where they are the soundtrack to movies that haven’t been made yet, where landscapes are coloured and where the trio are doing just what they want to, in the way they want to do it.

The result is ‘’Mint’’, an album filled with songs that fit as easily into street parties in Oslo and London, as in private casinos in Paris and night clubs in Lagos. Orions Belte, a small piece of the world from Norway.



Øyvind Blømstrom

Chris Holm

Kim Åge Furuhaug

After reviewing ten metal albums, it is time for some more calm music. The album is mostly instrumental, you could see the guitar solos as ‘’vocal lines’’. The music is extremely chill, but like it is said in the intro, I can ‘’hear’’ how it sounds. But can I explain it to you?


Maybe you are familiar with subculture and electronic music genre vaporwave? Vaporwave came up in in early 2010 on the internet. The style mixes a lot of elements: ‘’banal’’ music from the eighties and nineties, elevator and lounge music, r&b, pop, smooth jazz and MIDI. Also used are samples of video games or consoles from the nineties. You might think this sounds like a weird mix, and it is definitely an acquired taste of music. The end result is a sultry, dreamy and hallucinating atmosphere and feeling. People tend to feel nostalgic while listening to this music.


What does that have to do with Orions Belte’s ‘’Mint’’? I get exactly the same vibes from their music as from vaporwave (especially on ‘’Le Mans’’), the only difference is that Orions Belte is not electronic, and no samples of video games and consoles were used (but I can hear a influence of The Cure in it?). Maybe if you picture yourself in an abandoned mall somewhere in the USA while listening, and you might understand - or are even able to ‘’hear’’ - the music. It is very hard to explain a feeling (this one in particular), but I know exactly what it feels like.

‘’Mint’’ is an easy album to listen to, but Orions Belte needs to beware that their music does not literally disappear into the background. I have now listened approximately three times to the album and I like it a lot. It is very creative to mix such elements into a new, unique style. It’s nostalgic, yet new, fresh and colourful!


Rating: 8/10


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By Tamar