Owl Company - Iris



Eclipse Records

Release: November 9, 2018


In 2014, Enrico Minelli and Felipe Ruiz began writing songs together. It wasn’t long before they recruited Thiago Biasoli to complete the band. As they continued writing new material and performing locally throughout 2016,they began to record the songs in their home studio, ultimately tracking a full album’s worth of material. In April of 2017, they self-released their debut album ‘’Horizon’’, and added Fabio Yamamoto and Bruno Solera to the band.The album was well-received by the press, and they traveled to the U.S.A. for a run of tour dates along the West Coast. While performing at the Viper Room in Los Angeles, the band caught the attention of producer Matt Wallace (Faith No More, 3 Doors Down, Maroon 5).


After the tour was done, they headed back to Los Angeles and recorded a single entitled ‘’Pieces’’ with Matt Wallace producing. After completion, it was shipped to several dozen labels and it wasn’t long before the band received a few responses. After careful consideration they signed with Eclipse Records (Mushroomhead, A Breach Of Silence, Bobaflex). "It's an amazing accomplishment for us to be part of Eclipse Records,” says vocalist Enrico Minelli. “We're all super excited!” Owl Company recently wrapped up a new full-length album with producer Matt Wallace, entitled ‘’Iris’’. The album will be released on November 9, 2018 via Eclipse Records.




One Last Time

Boogie Man



Shattered Dreams

Dawn of Days

Broken Paradigm


Forbidden Ground

The Other Side





I was really excited to review ‘’Iris’’ after reading Owl Company’s biography, but honestly… During ‘’Rise’’ I got a bit bored while listening. ‘’One Last Time’’ and ‘’Boogie Man’’ we’re nice, radio-friendly songs, but that was kind of it for me. As I continued into ‘’Antagonist’’, I liked the heavier parts, but the chorus was just too soft and dragged out. ‘’Shattered Dreams’’. ‘’Dawn of Days’’ and ‘’Broken Paradigm’’ are also more or less boring to me.

By now my personal opinion was clear enough to form a judgement, but I don’t think it would be fair to the band to put it out there in its entirely. I continued listening to the rest of the album, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I do really like Enrico’s vocals, they do really fit this kind of music, but I’d say he could do even heavier. I feel like sometimes he overpowered the instrumentals because he has an immensely powerful voice, it was kind of out of balance at times.

‘’The Other Side’’ is my favourite track of ‘’Iris’’, because it is pretty straightforward and there are no weird gimmicks added to it. ‘’Door’’ was also a pretty good track. So all in all, ‘’Iris’’ definitely is not bad, but it is not nowhere near my favourite either. Therefor I rate it a 6.5 out of 10.


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By Tamar




Enrico Minelli (vocals)

Felipe Ruiz (guitars)

Bruno Solera (guitars)

Fabio Yamamoto (bass)

Thiago Biasoli (drums)