Përl – Luminance



Independent release

Released: November 24, 2017


Përl is a French post metal band, heavily influenced by post-rock and atmospheric, loud and hypnotic metal. Formed in 2008, Përl juggles emotions and invites the listener on an inner journey where confusion, violence, contemplation and poetry mix. As such the music the three artists create is in the veins of Cult of Luna, Solstafir, Gojira and Oathbreaker. All this and much more can be found on Përl’s second release, “Luminance”.


If there is one thing to be said about this album, is that it’s full of contrasts. In other words, don’t let the calmness of the instrumental or the softness of the vocals fool you, as, sooner or later, some heavy, violent, aggressive part is bound to follow and disrupt the peace. It is this alternation between different styles in the course of one song that gives Përl a very intricate and unique sound, that is very different from the usual dose of metal we find these days.



Himalaya (Deval, part. I)



L'homme à l'éléphant blanc (feat. Faustine Bérardo)

Jhomo Langma (Deval, part II)

The transition from jazzy, atmospheric sounds to something similar to death metal is very abrupt and can take the listeners by surprise as they listen to “Luminance”. And here I have to give praise to Aline, as her clean vocals are very pleasant and melodic (as for instance on the ambiental “Ka”), while her screams are powerful and vicious (as in the second part of opening track “Himalaya”). If I am used to hearing screams and aggressive guitar playing, I am not very used to screams overlapping mellow instrumental, but that is exactly what I got with the atmospheric “Séléné”, hence the idea of contrast from the beginning. “L'homme à l'éléphant blanc” reinforces this idea, as it steers a bit more into melodeath territory, thanks to some heavy riffs, but still maintains some bluesy feel. Closing track “Jhomo Langma” is perfectly summing up this album, as it starts out with relaxing sounds, then picks up pace with some haunting vocals and groovy guitar lines, and finishes with powerful death metal-like screams.

This album may be seen as eclectic and even a bit experimental here and there, but that does not take anything away from the ingenuity and boldness of the trio to try out different methods and styles, and see how different combinations sound. A fair warning must be given as this album may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are up for a musical challenge, give “Luminance” a listen, or two.



Aline – guitar, vocals

Bastien – bass

Thibault – drums, percussion