Paal Flaata - Love And Rain - The Athletic Sessions



Blue Mood Records

Release: November 3, 2017


Paal Flaata and his producer and regular musical collaborator Goran Grini resolved to take their own unique approach to the great American song heritage, which has been decisive for both as artist, musicians and fans. This has resulted in three albums dedicated to the singer-songwriters Chip Taylor, Mickey Newbury and Townes van Zandt, respectively as well as the now new album featuring a further eight singer-songwriters. It’s high point is a completely new song, ‘’Love And Rain’’, written especially for the album by Chip Taylor. As Flaata and Gini live by the motto: ‘’For the sake of the song’’, they also included two songs not even composed by Americans, but by two Englishman: Elvis Costello and Ewan MacColl. This album is perfect to close Paal Flaata’s singer-songwriter trilogy.


Chip Taylor: ‘’It’s a rare voice that can make earth shattering changes to the psyche of the human spirit. Paal’s voice does that like no other I’ve heard. I could not think of another artist that I’d rather have do a retrospective of my work. How blessed I am.’’




The Comedians - Elvis Costello

Love And Rain - Chip Taylor

For The Good Times - Kris Kristofferson

Hand Me Another Of Those - Mickey Newbury

The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress - Jimmy Webb

First Time I Ever Say Your Face - Ewan MacColl

We Had It All - Donnie Fritts

It’s Only Make Believe - Conway Twitty

And I Love You So - Don McLean

Feel Like Going Home - Charlie Rich

Susan Newbury: ‘’Mickey wrote his songs in sadness. Singing Newbury songs is hard, even for Mickey it was. Paal’s album has captured the spirit of Mickey and I know Mickey would have been touched by these tracks.’’

You as regular reader might see that I sometimes take a trip through other genres of music. This time we have American singer-songwriter, that some might even see as country or blues. I do not know any of these ‘’covers’’ (except for some of their singer-songwriters), so I am about to have a very new experience here!


‘’Love And Rain - The Athletic Sessions’’ has touched me more than I expected. I am so impressed by Paal’s voice, he sounds so American while he is actually Norwegian. Usually I would complain for the lack of electric guitar solos, but this time you won't hear me whining about that. The acoustic music fits perfect with Paal’s voice. He really can bring across the emotion and meaning behind these songs, while they’re not even his own.

I rate ‘’Love And Rain - The Athletic Sessions’’ by Paal Flaata a 9 out of 10.



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By Tamar