Panophobia - Demon Slaughter EP



Phobia Studios

Release: June 7, 2018


The band Panophobia was formed late August 2013 in Norway by the screamer/vocalist Jostein and the guitarist Didrik. Later on they kind of re-hired the drummer Erlend (Jostein, Didrik and Erlend are former band members of the former metalcore band My Sweet Revenge). Tom-Rune was hired as the bass player after knowing him on behalf later on. The other guitarist Run moved from Harstad to Bodø and where he meet Jostein. shorty after he was asked to join the band as they were looking for a second guitarist. Sadly, Tom Rune left the group but Tobias Aubert took his place in early 2015.


First off, it was really hard to find some information about Panophobia. The piece above is taken from their Soundcloud page, but it doesn’t seem to be updated, so I do not know if it is correct.




Demon Slaughter

Past Regrets



What is even worse, the name Panophobia is used by a lot of bands worldwide, so I have to be creative here. I already want to advice them to make an official website, this could really help with both marketing and keeping your fans updated, not everyone has (or wants) to be on social media anyway…


Back to the EP, I am heavily impressed with the sound Panophobia has produced. The EP looks and sounds a lot better than I had expected, and the album art makes me happy too. ‘’Demon Slaughter’’ starts with a short piano intro, later follow the guitars. The riff somehow does remind me a bit of Black Sabbath. ‘’Past Regrets’’ reminds me a bit more of nu metal songs, which shows their diversity. ‘’Rage’’ seem to has some of the same guitar riffs as in the other two songs, on the other side I do hear a bit more emotion in this song. The music really has a high quality and excellent mixing. I am really wondering how this band is live, because I checked, and they do live shows. The build up in the songs is really good, it holds my attention (and that is hard I tell you), the melodies are really good and catchy.


This band has talent, and I keep wondering why do not present themselves that way. Is it time? Money? I don’t know, but if they want to grow as a band, there needs to be a change in that. Musically, I see no problem. Therefor ‘“Demon Slaughter EP’’ by Panophobia gets a 4 out of 5 from me!

Line Up:


Jostein - Vocals

Run - Guitar

Didrik - Guitar

Tobias - Bass

Erlend - Drums/Backing Vocals