Primal Fear - Apocalypse



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Release: August 10, 2018


Former Gamma Ray vocalist Ralf Scheepers and bassist/vocalist Mat Sinner, two of the most respected German metal musicians, founded Primal Fear in 1997 and 21 years later, show no signs of slowing down. With 11 studio albums released, Primal Fear have become one of the most beloved and respected heavy metal bands around the globe, a true metal institution.


Their last two studio albums “Delivering The Black” and “Rulebreaker” saw them climbing the charts and receiving even more critical praise than before. Truly, especially in recent years, the band has continued to raise the bar in terms of quality and musicianship with their release, constantly pushing themselves to find new ways to best themselves.


With the release of their new album, “Apocalypse”, Primal Fear has once again raised the bar in heavy metal!  




New Rise

The Ritual

King Of Madness

Blood, Sweat, & Fear


Hail To The Fear

Hounds Of Justice

The Beast

Eye Of The Storm


 Primal Fear have been hitting out of the park for 20 years now, and I didn't expect anything less for ‘’Apocalypse’’. The new record is attention grabbing, I didn’t find myself bored while listening at all. ‘’King Of Madness’’ is one of my favourite tracks on this album, I really like the melody throughout the song. But, that can be said about every song really. This album is one big, epic journey.


The freshness of their sound kind of took me by surprise, sometimes bands get stuck in patterns and formulas, but that is not the case at all with Primal Fear. They sound just as modern as a new heavy metal band. Also, the cover art is amazing and fits the music.


Rating: 8/10


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By Tamar



Ralf Scheepers – Lead Vocals

Tom Naumann – Guitars

Alex Beyrodt – Guitars

Magnus Karlsson – Guitars & Keyboards

Francesco Jovino – Drums

Mat Sinner – Bass & Vocals