Ravenhill - Ground Zero EP



Independent Release

Release: January 7, 2018


The history of Ravenhill began in January 2009 when Lucia’s (singer) and Muro’s (electric guitar) gothic metal band joined together with folk-renaissance project of Matúš (electric guitar), Dáša (flute) and Viktor (acoustic guitar). ‘’We play our own songs, which combines elements of classical music with modern rock and pleasant sound of flute.’’


Apparently, Ravenhill has been around for a pretty long time, yet this is the first time I hear something of them. Ground Zero EP is the only release I can find, which was released not too long ago. I am wondering why this is, because their music is actually really good and even somewhat original for being symphonic metal.



The Day Of Reckoning


Enter The Future

Stolen Life

Tree of Ravens

I’d have to say that as far as the folk-renaissance influences go, I only recognize the flute. Which is also the part that makes this band stand a bit out from the rest, apart from Eluveitie you don’t hear that much flute-like instruments in metal. There is no track from Ground Zero EP that really holds my attention, but there is also none that I dislike This seems to be a common problem nowadays with symphonic metal…


For a first release, it is a good one. But is it original? Meh. I'd rate Ground Zero EP by Ravenhill a 3 out of 5.


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By Tamar




Romana Kolkusová - vocals

Marián Corvis Kronauer - vocals / scream

Andrea Dobrovodská - transverse flute

Matúš "Matt" Považaj - guitar

Milan Vlačuška - guitar

Peter Áč - Bass

Martin "Wajo" Krajčík - drums