Red Eleven - Fueled By Fire [EP]



Secret Entertainment / Inverse RecordsFIN

Released: March 23, 2018


The story of Finnish alternative metal band Red Eleven began in 2009 under the name 'Project Red Eleven', when guitarist Teemu Liekkala and vocalist Tony Kaikkonen performed a couple of songs together.


Then in the summer of 2011 Tony played these songs to Pasi Pasanen (drums) and Petteri Vaalimaa (bass). In this formula by 2012 the band started rehearsing, and soon after released their debut album, ‘Idiot Factory’. In 2012-2013 the band toured in Finland's rock clubs and gained reputation as a groovy, hard rocking live act. In 2014 they released “Round II” followed by “Collect Your Scars” in 2016. “Fueled by Fire” is the last release with Pasi Pasanen on drums, who left the band at the beginning of the year; Samuli Saari was announced as their new drummer.



You’ve Been Warned

Back in Time

Redneck’s Promised Land


Last Call

Their music is very accessible and easy to listen to, though the band uses different styles and moods throughout the EP. Opener “You’ve been warned” is a straightforward rock piece that sees Tony using a mix of clean and harsh vocals, while still being very radio-friendly. The upbeat “Back in time” follows more or less on the same path, being more pop-rock than anything else. The next track is “Redneck’s Promised Land”, which, after a country-blues intro, picks up both on speed and heaviness. The guitar lines, vocals, and chorus are better here than on the previous ones. It’s also the longest one, making it the centerpiece of the EP. “Again” is another speedier, heavier track, with excellent guitar playing and some 80’s rock vibes. Altogether a wonderful song. The semi-acoustic “Last Call” delivers some jazzy blues notes because of the trumpet that mixes with the instrumental and vocals, though I wouldn’t call this a jazz piece. There’s a nice build-up in the music as the EP progresses, with pop-rock pieces that quickly give way to more aggressive and heavy cuts.

As a metal lover, I tend to catalogue some songs as way to accessible. But let’s not forget that Red Eleven are an alternative / indie band and as such, the sound shouldn’t be as heavy or aggressive as what I am regularly listening to. Also, at times the music reminds me of (early) Stone Sour, either regarding the vocal delivery or the general sound of the instrumental, and that is not a bad thing, though it’s a bit weird coming from a Finnish band. (Generally when I think of Finland, I think as such bands as Nightwish, HIM, Apocalytica or Amorphis)

All in all, “Fueled by Fire” has some great tracks on it, and, as I said in the beginning, the music is quite easy to listen to. Definite highlights are “Redneck’s Promised Land” and “Last Call”.


Rating: 4 / 5


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By Andrea




Tony Kaikkonen – Vocals

Teemu Liekkala – Guitars

Tero Luukkonen – Guitars

Samuli Saari – Drums

Petteri Vaalimaa – Bass