Rhodium – Scream Into The Void



Independent release

Release: June 28, 2018


Making a strong debut this year with “Scream into the Void” is Greek progressive / power metal band Rhodium, which was formed in 2017 by guitarist Loukas Wolv. The line-up is completed by George Theofilas on rhythm guitars, Alex Kolettis on bass, Dimitris Spirakis on drums, and the charismatic frontman Mike Livas, who recently joined the band. The vocals on this album are done by Billy Vass. Released independently on June 28th, the album gained a number of positive reviews from both the critics and the fans alike.


The band manages to craft a mix of modern heavy metal sounds in the vein of Primal Fear and Judas Priest, with strong power metal vibes a la Queensryche, memorable melodies, and soaring choruses, where the centerpiece is the powerful progressive guitar breaks. Aspa Feanor composed most of the lyrics with her great poetic inspiration, which combine themes of personal experiences and profound emotions.



Detour to insanity

Scream into the void

Unjust slaughter

The fall

Tower of despair

Flaming sorrow

Lucid dream

A memory of light

Enter nowhere


The album starts with the short atmospheric intro “Detour to insanity”, which neatly flows into the power metal anthem “Scream into the void”, and singer Billy Vass shows what a great set of pipes he has from the get-go, but then again having reviewed Terra Incognita’s latest album “Fragments of a Ruined Mind”, I know what to expect from him, and he delivers big time. The guitars are aggressive and heavy all through the sound, with a solid drum performance to create an uplifting and powerful sound. Mike Livas’s version can be heard on the video. “Unjust slaughter” continues on the same path with soaring vocal melodies, and chugging guitars that contrast really well together. There is also some very old-school type of riffing happening that gives this song a certain 80s feel. The chugging riffs continue on “The fall” but the dynamic drum beats, up tempo vocal lines, and the groovy guitar solo make the song more interesting. Starting with some acoustic guitar lines, “Tower of despair” get heavier when the electric guitar and the marching drum beats kick in, turning it into a definite head-banger. Again the vocals soar above the instrumental and I love that can hear everything so clearly, and not buried under the guitars, like in some cases.

The guitar-fest continues on the mellow yet rocking “Flaming sorrow”, where we can hear an overlap of acoustic and electric guitar, and melodic vocals, making it a highlight of the album, and one of my favorites. On “Lucid dream” (and most of the other songs on this album, actually) there is another type overlap – chugging riff over rhythmic guitar playing, for a denser sound, but I found myself wanting to heat more of the rhythm guitar as it had some interesting melodies. The up-tempo “A memory of light” is a very power metal type of song, with soaring choruses and impressive guitar work and solo. Started as an acoustic piece “Enter nowhere” goes back and forth between mellow and heavy and it’s actually one of the liveliest songs on the album. “Lovespell” has some whispers on the background which makes it more engaging. Other than that it’s just like the rest of the songs here.


And here’s the problem – it’s more or less the same type of guitar line, and the same type of vocal melody throughout the album, and that made it extremely predictable especially in its second part. I get following the same formula because it’s maybe easier to write songs, because it’s more familiar, especially on a debut album, but I have heard better crafted and more diverse debuts than this. Sorry, but I am not really impressed. It’s too much of the same for me to get my attention. True enough the vocals are really good, there are also some neat guitar parts and excellent drum patterns, but a bit more diversity and change in the song writing wouldn’t hurt next time. Nevertheless, a good starting point for a promising and talented band.

Fans of Iced Earth, Evergrey, Terra Incognita or Crimson Glory can purchase the album on Rhodium’s official Bandcamp page: https://rhodium-official.bandcamp.com/


Rating: 7 / 10







By Andrea


Current line-up:


Mike Livas – vocals

Loukas Wolv – guitars

George Theofilas – guitars

Alex Kolettis – bass

Dimitris Spirakis – drums