Rolled Up Sleeves - Pointless EP



Mighty Music

Release: September 1, 2018


Rolled Up Sleeves is a young rock group from the city of Århus in Denmark with members between 19 and 21 years old. They have blood on their teeth, and their expressions are raw and very punked!


For Rolled Up Sleeves it’s all about the expression. The expression in their music and the expression when performing live! It’s four youngsters wildness and frustration that is reflected through fast riffs, as well as heavy repetitive seances. Whatever it’s a ballade or a hard piece of rock music, the band is constantly pursued by psychotic undertones, giving Rolled Up Sleeves an even greater room for their own expression.

Their debut EP ‘’Pointless’’ will be released internationally on the 1st of September 2018 via Mighty Music.



Happy & Alone

Junkie in Disguise

Sell My Soul


This EP was very pleasant to listen to. It’s kind of seventies meets Nirvana. It’s a mix you don’t hear quite often, especially not in their age range. It’s really impressive that they have found their unique sound to early in their music career. All four songs are bursting with talent, I can’t even choose a favourite.


Rating: 4/5


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By Tamar




Christian Askehave

Magnus Krag Nielsen

Oliver Alexander Landgren

Søren Schroll Rasmussen