Scars Of Solitude - Deformation



Inverse Records

Release: December 1, 2017


Scars of Solitude is a melodic metal quintet from Äänekoski playing music rooted deep in the Finnish melancholy. The band was formed in January 2015 and has stood firmly and proud behind its music ever since. Their music sounds like autumn - it's kinda dark, rainy and cold but still rich in both beauty and colour despite all the despair. Even though many of its members have come and gone the forming members Tuomo Laulainen, Niki Kuivakangas and Lassi Pollari have remained since the birth of the band. Now the core trio are accompanied by the talented Mikko Ruuska on vocals and Antti Kettunen on rhythm guitar. Scars of Solitudes debut album 'Deformation' was released on December 1st via Inverse Records.


Before I start, I want to thank Tuomo for sending me the real cd, such a nice present! We start ‘’Deformation’’ with track number one, ‘’I Remain Here’’. Judging from Scars of Solitudes appearance, I expected something heavier.



I Remain Here



Live To Regret


Emotional Graveyard

Dead Love Resurrection

The End Of Me

I think it would fit the music better, if the vocals were a bit more powerful. Sometimes these are a bit weak (or the mixing wasn’t done right), except songs like ‘’Drown’’, ‘’Enemy’’ and ‘’Fool’’. In these songs Mikko has a bit more roughness and force to his voice. Sometimes he sounds kind of shy, which is totally unnecessary!

‘’Live To Regret’’ and ‘’Emotional Graveyard’’ have both kind of cheesy lyrics, but hey, lyrics most definitely do not have to be difficult to send a message. These are songs you put on on a rainy autumn day, exactly like the band describes themselves. ‘’Dead Love Resurrection’’ seems to be written a bit too high for the vocals to reach, that’s really unfortunate because it is a damn good song. ‘’Deformation’’ closes with ‘’The End Of Me’’, which is one of my favorite tracks of the album. It has all the elements that I think could make Scars of Solitude a lot more popular in the metal community! They need to keep the raw, harsh vocals, they bring across the emotions a lot better.


For a band that only existed for two years before releasing this full-length album, ‘’Deformation’’ is highly impressive. They only need to tweak a few things, but these guys already have found their own sound quite quickly. Therefor I rate ‘’Deformation’’ by Scars of Solitude an 8 out of 10!



Rhythm Guitar: Antti Kettunen

Lead Guitar: Tuomo Laulainen

Bass: Lassi Pollari

Drums: Niki Kuivakangas

Vocals: Mikko Ruuska