Schattenmann - Licht An




Release: March 2, 2018


‘’There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night.“ -Albert Camus


Something is stirring in the shadows. Something is crawling to the surface: Schattenmann are here! Formed in the dying days of 2016, already now aiming for greater things: This young band from Nuremberg knows exactly what they want and how they are about to achieve it. “Neue Deutsche Härte 2.0”, thus the simple yet effective definition of the monumental sound weaved by vocalist Frank Herzig, guitarist Jan Suk, bass player Luke Shook and drummer Nils Kinzig. They are fed by NDH, by Industrial and by Metal, infected by melodic hook lines rather unusual for this genre and possessed by one burning wish: To exorcise every single one of their inner demons.


Schattenmann stands for the very special parts within us, we prefer to keep hidden. Parts, however, that sometimes want to be unleashed, that are yearning for freedom, that want to be lived out to the fullest. “We sing about things that keep us in suspense”, says frontman Frank. “We want to unearth the things hiding deep within us.”



Licht An

Brennendes Eis


Zahn Der Zeit


Generation Sex


Krieger Des Lichts

Trümmer Und Staub


Böser Mann (Bonus)

Rot (Bonus)

Gekentert (Unplugged) (Bonus)

Their first record is a step into a musical world that is at the same time seducing and disturbing. “Schattenmann stand for an enigmatic, inexorable journey between light and darkness”, sums up Frank, whose distinct voice is lending the band its unique character. For many years, Herzig has carried countless musical and lyrical visions, unaware of the fact that this was indeed the seed from which Schattenmann is rising now. Thundering heaviness is being counterbalanced by epic melodies, militantly marching beats change with fierce Thrash drumming, huge walls of guitar blend with orchestral synths: all a bit unusual, to be sure.


To me, NDH is a very black and white genre, either you like it or you don’t. But, there is no denying that Schattenmann has delivered a perfect album. From ‘’Licht An’’ to ‘’Rot’’, I can’t find anything that I don’t like, no imperfections, nothing. Schattenmann gives you everything, hard, soft, electronic and metal. I’d rate ‘’Licht An’’ by Schattenmann a 9 out of 10!

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By Tamar




Frank Herzig (Vocals)

Jan Suk (Guitar)

Luke Shook (Bass)

Nils Kinzig (Drums)