Second To Sun - The Walk



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Release: November 25, 2018


Second To Sun is a metal band from Saint Petersburg, Russia, founded in 2012 by its guitarist Vladimir Lehtinen. Second To Sun concentrate on the musical and creative aspect more and use visual elements on every song (artwork, lyrics, behind the song infos etc.) to give more depth and back story to the music. The band's music contains a blend of metal genres: on the one hand, it has the many rhythmic elements of groove metal; on the other -hand, it continues the legacy of such classic Scandinavian black metal bands as Emperor, Mayhem, and Dakthrone. Such diverse musical roots of the band protrude from Vladimir Lehtinen's songwriting, Gleb Sysoev's soul-crushing vocals and Fedor Borovsky's groovy drum lines. The band releases two versions of each album - the vocal and the instrumental one. Each individual instrumental composition is accompanied by unique artwork and a hefty description of the story the composition tells, which provides a deeper insight into the music, as well as the band's inspiration and creative process. Second To Sun has released released two albums - ''The First' Chapter'' and ''The Black'', and is now getting ready to release third album ''The Walk''.



We Are Not Alone

Black Lines


From Outer Space

The Train


The Owls

New World Order

To Live

We Are Alone



''We Are Not Alone'' has a lot of black metal influences (obviously), and a bit of funeral doom as well. Nice rhythm, maybe a bit unpowerful for an opener. ''Black Lines'' has a weird fade in in the intro, came across as something that rather be used in metalcore than in black metal. It does not fit to the song in my opinion, weird choice. ''Home'' has some synths in it, it is the best track until now (I like synths). They give it an extra melancholic flair.

''From Outer Space'' is a nice, soft instrumental track. It would have been great as track one, because I have the feeling that the next tracks will make me deaf right away. Luckily for me, ''From Outer Space'' fades seamlessly into ''The Train 1702''. Finally Second To Sun gives me more tempo! ''The Owls'' sounds actually kinda boring to me, but the synths made me want to listen anyway.


''New World Order'' is not a very outstanding track, and neither is ''To Live''. These last three songs seem very identical and basically filler songs. The last track of the album is called ''We Are Alone'' which makes you feel the exact opposite. It is completely instrumental as well, but it is a lot less peaceful and sounds rather eerie. It is a great ending, I wish they would have carries this throughout the whole album.

Overall, ''The Walk'' bored me a lot more than I hoped for. A lot of the songs sounds identical, there is no experimenting with effects etc. I hope ''The Walk'' has a great (concept) story behind it to help me understand the choices they have made. Rating: 7/10


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By Tamar




Vladimir Lehtinen - Guitars

Gleb Sysoev - Vocals

Fedor Borovsky - Drums