Sleeping Romance – Alba



Napalm Records

Released: November 3, 2017


Italian symphonic metal band Sleeping Romance released their debut album “Enlighten” in 2013 and since then has toured quite extensively in Europe, playing mini tours and one-off festival shows around the continent, including Brainstorm Festival and FemME in the Netherlands, Christmas Rock Night in Germany and many others. In December 2014 the band released a new single entitled “Fire & Ice” together with a music video. In 2015 the band signed with Napalm Records, and their sophomore record “Alba” was released in November 2017. The line-up consists of vocalist Federica Lanna, guitarists Federico Truzzi and Fabrizio Incao, bassist Lorenzo Costi and drummer Francesco Zanarelli.


This new album marks a new chapter in the band’s history, and the future of the band surely looks very bright! Earlier this year Sleeping Romance have joined label mates Serenity and Visions of Atlantis on the "Symphonic Metal Nights" tour in Europe with more dates to follow. Talking about this new release the band states:



Overture – Twilight

Where the light is bleeding

Lost in my eyes

Touch the sun


My temptation

Across the sea

Everything behind

Through the looking glass


Underture – Daylight

'''Alba' represents a strong musical evolution compared to our debut album and is more dark, powerful and deep. Heavy guitar riffing, a lot of orchestral and choir sections and emotional lyrics is what you'll get from this album. All strings, woodwinds, brasses and choir parts are recorded live to give our songs real life and a great sound.''


 With “Alba”, the Mediterranean metal band delivers a very straightforward symphonic metal album, full of all the enchantments and beauty such a genre has to offer, from orchestral arrangements, to serene vocals, to some lush keyboard soundscapes, but also some intense guitar riffing for balance. Federica’s angelic voice dances atop a flurry of guitars and drums, guiding the melodies and harmonies with precision and gusto, and the best example here is the single “Where the light is bleeding”, but also the guitar-driven “Forgiveness”. The sensual seduction of this metal subgenre can be heard on the wonderful backing orchestration, which provides an extra layer of depth to the songs, and listeners get a taste of this from the get-go as opener “Overture – Twilight” seems to be a true classical piece adapted to be an intro, very much Epica style. The same goes for the closing track, “Underture – Daylight”.

 In between, we find a wide array of songs that fit the expectations, such as the title track “Alba”, which boasts groovy violin lines, “My Temptation”, which sees Federica doing some operatic chants and singing, without trying to be bombastic or over-the-top, or the ballad “Across the Sea” which has a very sorrowful feel because of the violin and cello lines that provide the backbone of the song. “Lost in my eyes” and “Touch the Sun” are more upbeat and rocking tracks, with easy sing-along choruses to them. The guitar riffs are also pretty well delivered throughout the album, as on the aforementioned “Forgiveness”, but also on the heavy and aggressive “Everything behind” and “Through the looking glass”, to name just a few. Listening to this album I can’t help but get some Within Temptation vibes as, at times, Federica’s vocals remind me of Sharon den Adel.

In the end, one thing’s for sure, Sleeping Romance are doing symphonic metal really well, and I am sure fans of the genre will definitely enjoy this album. Definite highlights: “Alba”, “My Temptation” and “Lost in my eyes”.


Rating: 8 / 10




By Andrea




Federica Lanna – Vocals

Federico Truzzi – Guitars, Orchestration

Fabrizio Incao – Guitars

Lorenzo Costi – Bass

Francesco Zanarelli – Drums