Temperance – Of Jupiter and Moons



Scarlet Records

Released: 20-04-2018


There is no doubt that Temperance is a rising star in the world of modern metal, as the band have just released its fourth album, titled “Of Jupiter and Moons” (out on April 20th via Scarlet Records), an album that will definitely pushed them forward even more. Their history starts in 2013, and through still fairly young, Temperance have released 3 full-length albums as well as a live DVD, and had many successful tours. In a revamped line-up, the band is combining the vocals of three very talented musicians – the crystalline voice of Alessia Scolletti, the strong timbre of Michele Guaitoli and the rough vocals of mastermind and guitarist Marco Pastorino – with the technical bass playing of Luca Negro, and the modern drumming of Alfonso Mocerino, with excellent results.


Their music is a blend of heavy guitars, metal riffs, symphonic elements, electronic tracks, and elements of folk into melodic and powerful music. While this may be true for many other bands, it is the twist of vocal harmonies that is one of the strongest aspects of their music and such songs as “We are free”, “Way back home” or “Empires and Men” really emphasizes this chemistry between the three lead singers.




The last hope in a world of hopes

Broken promises

Of Jupiter and Moons

Everything that I am

We are free

Alive again

The art of believing

The way home

Empires and men

Daruma’s eyes (part 1)



However much I enjoy this amazing trio all through the album, one track in particular really impressed me – “The Art of Believing” as the vocal delivery in this track is probably Alessia’s best on this album. Michele Guaitoli really shines on “Alive Again”, where the keyboard and violin lines add an extra layer of depth to the music. Closing track “Daruma’s eyes (part 1)” showcases their versatility as musicians with many instrumental passages where the drums, guitars, bass, and keys are in perfect sync. It’s a delight listening to such a well composed song. The symphonic elements are so well used, as not to clutter the sound, but still give it a sense of finesse and class.

Another thing I love about their music, is how upbeat and groovy it is - think Amaranthe meets Elvenking, but dial the folkiness to a minimum. I felt like dancing (and headbanging) as soon as I clicked play and started the first track, “The last hope in a world of hopes”, and the sound of violin and drums came on, followed by a constant stream of lively vocal melodies, which went on throughout the album. “Of Jupiter and Moons”, the first single they released, again combines all their best elements into one very catchy tune, and everything, from the groovy electro intro to the guitar riffs to the vocal melodies, is meant to grab the listeners’ attention and transport them in the world of Temperance. With the second single released, for “Broken Promises”, they are showing their emotional side, with powerful lyrics to which many can relate to (“I’ll find the courage / to fight the demons here inside / the time has come”), while still keeping things uplifting and upbeat.

All in all, “Of Jupiter and Moons” is a very uplifting, fun, and spirited dose of melodic metal, with groovy keyboard playing, pounding drums, nifty guitars and bass lines, and splendid vocals. Definitely a not-to-be-missed album, and one of the best releases of 2018 that I’ve listened to.


I rate it with a solid 9 / 10


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By Andrea




Alessia Scolletti – female vocals

Michele Guaitoli – male vocals

Luca Negro – bass

Alfonso Mocerino – drums

Marco Pastorino – lead guitars, clean/harsh male vocals