Threads of Fate - A Funeral for the Virtuous



Independent release

Release date: 23 November 2018


Threads of Fate is a cinematic metal music trio from the United States with members spanning across the east coast. The band was first conceived during the summer of 2017 by John Pyres of Florida, who was driven to create bombastic, dramatic nature of cinematic scores with the aggressive elements of metal along with emotional, deeply personal lyrics driven by the human experience. John enlisted talents such guitarist Jack Kosto from South Carolina and of Seven Spires, and keyboardist Vikram Shankar from Ohio, well-known from the band Redemption and also from his own projects Lux Terminus and Our Destiny, and in charge of the band's orchestrations. Once enough material had been written, the songs for the debut EP “A Funeral for the Virtuous” came to light and were recorded during the summer of 2018, and was independently released in November of the same year.



The Skeleton Key

The Reaping

Blackhearted Serenade

A Funeral for the Virtuous




The first song “The Skeleton Key” immediately introduces us to the band's cinematic themes with strings and percussion arrangements before transitioning into loud orchestral metal with emotional electric guitar lead with the rough heavy driven riffs of the rhythm underneath it. The song fades to make way for Vikram’s piano to take the lead along with the vocals, and I must say, I envy John's voice. He definitely knows how to display emotion in the soft range and in his power metal projections. Going into next part, the band’s style goes more aggressive black metal but yet with elegant gothic style, reminds me of early Tristania and The Sins of thy Beloved. Following is the band's first single is “The Reaping”, starting with the catchy yet beautiful string melodies before going into the hard chugging rhythm of the guitars and thunderous cymbal clashing. The grunts continues to shape the black metal elements into the atmospheric key's cinematic vibes, emphasizing the term of the blend “symphonic” and “metal”. The progressiveness in the chorus is surely a delight for headbanging for its rhythmic drumming and guitars, and as well the warming vocal melodies. Third track “Blackhearted Serenade” starts with Vikram’s lovely playing on the piano, and then comes the sudden explosion of gothic and black with thunderous guitar and roaring double bass death metal drumming to the victorious orchestral sounds. The powerful clean vocals and ferocious grunts soars through the symphonic melodies before ending the track with a ballad verse. The final track is the 7-minute “A Funeral for the Virtuous”. The self-titled song will definitely give the new fans of the band reminiscent to the early years of Nightwish in this symphonic metal grandeur, but also bombastic with power metal synths and a very solid progressive drive, makes this an epic cinematic climax to the EP.

This is definitely a great start to band’s career and I really enjoyed all the various metal sounds that was implemented into this 4-track EP, symphonic, progressive, power, black and also the nostalgic 90s gothic metal as mentioned which we don’t often hear much in “gothic metal" bands today. To those stumbling upon this review, if you’re a fan to bands like Eternal Tears of Sorrow and Evergrey, definitely check out Threads of Fate!I’m really looking forward to what their next work will have in store and hope to review that as soon as possible! I rate “A Funeral for the Virtuous” a 4.85/5!


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By Joshua


Band members:


John Pyres – vocals

Jack Kosto – guitars

Vikram Shankar – keyboards, bass guitar


Additional performance:

Jake Dick - drums