Torgeir Waldemar - Jamais Vu



Jansen Records

Released: March 9, 2018


‘’Old songs played again’’, someone said, and that’s what Torgeir Waldemar is doing on ‘’Jamais Vu’’ where he is playing new versions of his old songs. But this isn’t recycling, and we can almost guarantee that you will discover something new in these songs. Both his debut album and the sequel, ‘’No Offending Borders’’, were praised by national and international press, and the songs soon started to live their own life. Especially for Torgeir Waldemar himself, who continuously played different versions of the songs live, in his rehearsal space and finally in the studio.


‘’Jamais Vu’’ is a lesser known notion than ‘’déjà vu’’, and its meaning is quite simply the opposite. Where ‘’déjà vu’’ is a new experience that feels well-known, or it’s as if you’ve experiences that situation before, ‘’jamais vu’’ means that a well-known situation or experience feels unknown or new.



Sylvia (Southern People) ~ Acoustic

Among The Low ~ Acoustic

Summer In Toulouse ~ Acoustic

Streets ~ Electric

Take Me Home ~ Electric



‘’Songs never stand still, at least not for me. They want to go on. After some years of playing them live, many have moved far away from where their starting point was. That’s why I often experience a ‘’jamais vu’’ and that’s how this release was born’’, Torgeir Waldemar says.

Even tough Torgeir Waldemar toured a lot through The Netherlands last year, his music is still unknown to me. I did not know what to expect while reading his biography, so I decided to just put on the CD and see what happens. While listening I studied the CD case, which is very simple, but is also a very good metaphor for a ‘’jamais vu’’. I miss the booklet with lyrics, but since these songs already exist it was probably unnecessary anyway.


The music on ‘’Jamais Vu’’ touched my soul. Especially the song called ‘’Streets’’ has very touching lyrics to me: ‘’All along her mind was a mess. Deep down in depression. And a lack of happiness. Well I took her in my arms and said your beauty is a bliss’’. Song four and five are considered electric, and I think this is because of the electric guitar pieces, but the songs still sound kind of acoustic to me. It’s no false advertising though, but with the word electric I expected it to be a lot heavier than the acoustic songs. Lastly, I really like Torgeir’s voice in combination with the backing vocals, it sounds very natural and relaxed, this creates a nice listening experience.

‘’Jamais Vu’’ is the perfect CD to put on while you’re driving parallel to the beach at sundown, it’s very melodic and uplifting, yet I can still concentrate on other things while listening to the music. I’d rate ‘’Jamais Vu’’ by Torgeir Waldemar a 8 out of 10.


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By Tamar




Torgeir Waldemar ~ Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
Ole Hendrik Moe ~ Strings, String Arrangement
Kari Ronnekleiv ~ Strings
Havard Krogedal ~ Bass
Anders Moller ~ Percussion

Kjetill Kielland Lund ~ Accordion
Johan Daniel Henriksen ~ Grand Piano, Reed Organ, Backing Vocals
Kristine Marie Aasvang ~ Backing Vocals