Two Of A Kind - Rise



Frontiers Music Srl

Release: July 13, 2018


Two Of A Kind is a melodic rock band from the Netherlands, whose self-titled debut album was released by Frontiers in 2007. Fred Hendrix, better known as main songwriter and singer for the Melodic Rock masters TERRA NOVA, heads up the band. Back at the turn of the century, Fred had become more and more interested in production and songwriting, so he started looking for new and fresh talent to develop. Following several suggestions from Frontiers Records’ President and A&R Director, Serafino Perugino, Fred asked one but two female singers to join, Esther Brouns and Anita Craenmehr.


After a few writing sessions, Fred submitted the plan for a new band with a great melodic rock edge in the style of BOSTON meets HEART style to Frontiers, who liked the material and signed the band in late 2005. Recording of the self-titled debut album was completed during the Summer ‘06 with Fred’s TERRA NOVA bandmates Gesuino Derosas (guitar), Hans in't Zandt (drums), and Fred's brother Ron Hendrix (keyboards) joining the proceedings.



Here Is The Now

Rock Your World

Wheel Of Life



Touch The Roof



It Ain’t Over

Without You

Run Girl

Two Of A Kind was met with a warm reception from fans and critics alike and now the whole gang's back together for another album! Long overdue follow-up, ‘’Rise’’ is sure to please melodic rock fans around the globe with the performances of all members even more electric than on the debut.

In one word: WOW! I did not expect to like this album so much, and I feel kinda sorry about that now. To me it is a surprise that they seem to be so unknown, while their music is fantastic. They kind of miss a marketing opportunity there, it was really hard to find more information about Two Of A Kind. It is a big question mark for me how they got found by Frontiers Music Srl, with a record deal like this, they should have a bigger following after a decade.


Esther and Anita’s voices work perfectly together and very well balanced. With two frontwomen things can become a bit competitive, or one always seems a bit better than the other, but with Two Of A Kind that is definitely not the case. They have voices to be jealous of, which brings me back to the level of popularity. Since the so-called ‘’female fronted’’ fan group is getting bigger and bigger, and not a lot of people seem to have discovered Two Of A Kind yet. Then again, that is my job. I would recommend ‘’Rise’’ to everyone, even my own parents (and that is rare!). The album has parts for everyone to like, some slower songs like ‘’Naked’’ and ‘’Alienation’’, but heavier material too. Their sound is warm and inviting, I would love to see them live someday. Before I forget, my compliments to Ron Hendrix, for making the keyboards fit in amazingly, I really liked those parts in the songs!

In conclusion: please give this band a listen, and support them by buying their CDs, merch and liking them on Facebook (links are below)!


Rating: 8/10


Read the interview with Eshter here!


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By Tamar




Fred Hendrix (Bass)

Gesuino Derosas (guitar)

Hans in't Zandt (drums)

Ron Hendrix (keyboards)

Esther Brouns (vocals)

Anita Craenmehr (vocals)