Unanimated - Annihilation EP



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Release: August 10, 2018


They are back! After nine years in vigilant slumber the mighty Unanimated, originators of the infamous Swedish melodic death/black metal sound, return with four brand new tracks. The band’s new EP “Annihilation” continues the path that Unanimated have chosen with their latest studio album “In The Light Of Darkness” (2009). So expect nothing but evilness, blasphemy and darkness clad in wicked riffs, haunting melodies and grimmest vocals.



Adversarial Fire

From A Throne Below

Of Fire And Obliteration


Formed in 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden, Unanimated were amongst the first bands to entwine Nordic death metal with melodic lead guitars and black metal atmosphere. The debut album “In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead” (1993) and especially the second album “Ancient God Of Evil” (1995) stirred up the international extreme metal scene, the latter one justly considered one of the most influential and best albums of the Swedish melodic death/black genre until this very day. It took Unanimated fifteen years to return with their third opus, “In The Light Of Darkness”, showcasing the band in top form. In contrast to the usual reunion album approach of many bands simply trying to revive the sound they were famous for, Unanimated further developed their sound towards a more evil and harsh direction by adding additional black metal elements, musically and visually, to the band’s style.

 Honestly, when a band makes a comeback since so long, I don’t know what to expect. It could either be really awesome, or a total disaster. I think Unanimated’s new EP ‘’Annihilation’’ is somewhere in the middle. I didn’t love it, but I also didn’t hate it. Some parts were a bit too much for me, except for ‘’Of Fire And Obliteration’’ which is nearly completely instrumental. The track falls a bit out of place for me, because it’s really cinematic, and the other tracks are completely not. ‘“Annihilaton’’ is one of the best tracks I’d say, because it has some doom metal elements, and it’s not just heavy guitars and vocals all the time.

Rating: 6/10


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By Tamar




Richard Cabeza - Bass Guitar

Jojje Bohlin - Guitars

Micke Broberg - Vocals

Jonas Derouche - Guitars

Anders Schultz - Drums